where the flooding is

normally i wouldn’t be home right now, but i am. the street i park my car on at work flooded this morning, and by the time i went back there the water was around the top of my rims, just at the bottom of the door frame. i walked up and peered inside and there was several inches of water in the front floorboards. fortunately, the element has stadium seating so it was only the floorboards of the front seats. the water was pretty much up to my knees where i was parked, but it was deeper in other areas i had tried to avoid to get to my car. i popped the back top and crawled in, took everything out of my pants pockets, crawled into the front and put it into neutral. then i crawled back out and commenced to pushing. i didn’t really want to start it while the tail pipe was below water. i pushed and pushed, but got stuck at some point. i was worried the water would rise more, or it would start raining again before i got it moved. just as i was starting to give up hope of pushing it, i got past whatever was blocking it. at the same time, a couple of guys from work showed up. they’d waded over to help me. i was pretty freaking tired at this point (and now have bruises on both shoulders), so i really appreciated them showing up. they helped me push it back 50 feet or so and into the middle of the road, where there was only about 8 inches of water. i got in and started it up. it blew water out of the tail pipe for awhile and smoked some, but it was okay. they hopped in and then i drove around trying to get one of them back to his apartment near reliant stadium. 288 was blocked and flooding, so we had to go through some neighborhoods for some time. the bayou was running high, which we could see because we drove along it for a few miles. the water appeared to be slowly draining from my floorboards, but it was still sloshing around whenever i made turns or changed speeds. at his apartment i took a cup and we got most of the water out. he gave me a couple of towels to dry it. but as we started moving again, water started showing up. i dropped them off back at work, then i headed home. i had realized my phone was dead before i got to work, so i had no way to call anyone or take pics. i think one of the guys took a few pics with his phone though. anyway, i’m going to clean up, put on some dry clothes, drop my flood-water-soaked clothes in the washer, and get something to eat. then maybe i’ll go sit at west alabama ice house for awhile and have a beer.

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  1. Eeek… sorry about your car! I live and work on the east side. I was trapped at work for a while because I couldn’t get out of the area as all the streets were flooded. The school was an island.
    Thankfully I’m home now although I hear the rain starting up again. Hopefully it stays dry over there at the ice house. It sounds like you need to have a good drink!

  2. not to make light of your pain, but it’s interesting that your previous post was all about fire and now the current one is all about water. I guess the gun posts could be interepreted as metal posts. Glad you were able to get your car moved. I’m sure you remember the Hyundai? It’s main problem (or one of them) was water damage. Sam thought that since it had already gotten wet, it was ok to just leave it in the water. We all know how that turned out. Ash

  3. Reminds me of delivering pizza on the Vespa in that area during floods. The sidewalk was my friend and tips were good during floods. We’ll be in Houston for Labor Day week. We’ll have to get a beer some night.

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