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in my “i’m the firestarter” entry i mentioned getting a new wallet and ordering a couple of wallet chains. the wallet i bought that day came with a wallet chain, but it was maybe 12 inches long and generic, with a satiny finish. i quickly realized it wouldn’t do.
i spent a number of hours over a couple of days looking around online for cool wallet chains. surprisingly to me, i found very few sites that had cool wallet chains. (and yes, i searched quite a bit.) i finally narrowed it down to two sites. my favorite (www.walletchain.net) had much cooler choices, but they were in south korea and their english wasn’t so great. it made me a bit worried about their legitimacy. i was getting ready to go with my second choice (www.amigaz.com), then i saw that walletchain.net was selling their wares on ebay. they had a lot of positive scores and comments and very few negatives or neutrals, so i decided they were probably legit. i went to their website and ordered my two favorite choices. (i did choose to use paypal instead of giving them my credit card info, just in case.)
after a couple of weeks, the package arrived from south korea. each piece comes in a zip bag with “you are a hero”, a skull and crossbones wearing a crown, and “walletchain all the best wish you! from: genghis khan” printed on it. both chains looked as good as or better than i’d expected them to.
the first is a very heavy, double-linked, antiqued pewter chain, around 31 inches in length. on the site it is called “executioner”. here it is on my person:


the second is an antiqued silver chain alternating between skulls and simple circle loops, around 23 inches in length. on the site it is called “bad man”. here it is on my person:

i haven’t been wearing them too long, as i only got them a few days ago — but i am happy with the style and look. we’ll see over time how i like the quality. anyway, i don’t know how many people might be looking for cool wallet chains, but consider buying from these guys. the prices are a little better if you buy directly from them instead of through ebay too.
oh yeah…and i have managed to purchase 5 pair of the exact same skull boxers i mentioned in that same earlier post. i’ve always thought it’d be cool to have a number of the same pairs of clothes (pants, shirts, etc) and always wear the same thing — that way when anyone saw you, you’d always look exactly the same. it’d be sort of like being a peanuts character. so far, the closest i’ve gotten is having about 5 or 6 of the exact same black gap knit polo short sleeve shirt. but i have lots of other shirts and i rotate through things. G-d bless steve jobs for getting it down to two outfit options.

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  1. I have been a peanuts character for about 3 years now everyday at work. I change with the season, but only every few months. I never thought about it like that before.
    We’ll have to grab a beer together if you’re available some night while we’re in town. I know Jo is looking forward to some late night pie at the house of pies too.

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