random braindump

i went by sugarbaby’s cupcake boutique a weekend or two ago. it’s near shepard and richmond, on shepard. i found out awhile back before they were open that it is owned by a couple that goes to kaleo (the church i go to). i’d been planning on dropping by, but it seemed like they were always closed when i was around. i finally went up to the door and their current hours are 10am-6pm tuesday through saturday. which would explain why they’re never open when i’m around on weekdays. (as i found out while there, they are planning on staying open later but need to hire people for the later shifts.) so on a saturday afternoon i dropped by. both of them were working, so i had a chance to ask them how things were going and some stuff about the store. i knew from previous conversations the process to open the store had taken way longer than they’d ever dreamed it would. i had two cupcakes: a german chocolate and a red velvet (i forgot their names for them). they were both really good. they make them fresh from very simple and very real ingredients. and the recipes come from family recipes. i also picked up a vanilla bean with vanilla icing and a chocolate with chocolate icing for jack and sue. if you like cupcakes you should check out the store.
a couple of weeks ago jason isbell and centro-matic were playing at walter’s on washington on a wednesday night. i thought about going over after the radio show, but decided not to. i was interested in jason because he’d been in the drive-by truckers for a while and recently gone solo. i like the drive-by truckers quite a bit. i’d never really heard of centro-matic that i could recall, but i checked out some stuff online and i thought they sounded really good. they’ve evidently been around a long time. anyway, i was impressed by their sound, from what i heard. but i didn’t get to see them.
this past friday night at the continental club i saw the weary boys‘ “last show”. officially they are going on hiatus, and they were playing a double set at the continental club in austin the next night. before the show i ate at tacos-a-go-go (barbacoa taco = very good, tex-mex frito pie = eh). i also dropped by sig’s lagoon and bought jason isbell’s cd.
when i was going around town buying up the boxers with skulls, i bought a tie. why? i don’t know. it’s not like i ever wear ties, even though i have quite a few. it was on sale and i thought it looked cool. i used to wear ties from time to time. i used to enjoy dressing up sometimes. i haven’t done that in years and years. i was on the debate team in high school and we had to wear ties…maybe that’s why.
i let my sirius subscription die. i signed up for a year during my road trip bringing my newly purchased pickup back from new york. i really never listened to sirius very much. part of it is that it wasn’t very convenient to get it all hooked up and going in my pickup. in fact, that may be most of it. but i never moved it to the element. and i can’t really use it on my motorcycle. the model receiver i bought wasn’t made to be hooked up in the house. but that’s okay because the digital satellite in the house i’m renting streams sirius channels, so it’s like i still have them at home anyway. plus after hearing some of xm’s programming, i think i probably prefer it as far as americana/country. or let’s say i prefer willie’s place (xm) to outlaw country (sirius). but i’ve got plenty of cds, and boot liquor on soma fm.
the weekend before last i went to ikea and bought a desk. yep, i finally gave up and bought something. it’s pretty simple and was only around $160, so i can use it until i find a better one and then figure out something else to do with it. it looks okay though, and it’s better than having parts of a garage shelving unit as a makeshift desk.
i saw raj and kiera a while back. they were in town for awhile. it turns out raj had gotten in a wreck (in mississippi, i think) driving back from d.c. to houston. one of his tires blew out and his car went off the road, scraped a tree or two, then the back half slammed into a tree. both he and their dog were mostly okay, but the car was totaled. kiera was still in d.c. and got a call that raj had been in a wreck.
last saturday i dropped my charles daly .45 off at the gander mtn near 290 and highway 6. this saturday i picked it up. they said nothing was wrong with it. he fired around three magazines worth through it and had no problems. i guess i’ll take it to top gun here soon and see if it seems to be behaving better for me. i may end up just chunking it and getting something else.
saturday afternoon was calista’s birthday party. they had it at a public park that has some water stuff for kids, in addition to the regular playground stuff. it was kind of hot until the sun got lower. overall it was cool, and i think the kids had a good time — and that’s what’s important, right? of course, as we were leaving there were some goobers smoking pot. in a public park. brilliant.
saturday night i stayed up way too late talking on second life. sunday morning i did manage to get up and go to church. immediately after which i had an emotional meltdown. i mean, i completely flatlined. i left fairly quickly and went home. it’s weird how overwhelming emotions can be at times. i’m still feeling the after-affects or emotional residue or whatever at times on some level from that event. (maybe i’ll discuss and analyze myself at some point in the future.) after a couple of hours i got out and went to the gun show. i managed to keep from buying anything this time though. i got close to buying a beretta cx4 storm .40 cal, and/or a kel-tec 9mm collapsible rifle. i also thought about getting a 9mm glock. but i held out. i’m hoping my next gun purchase may be an ak-47. i just don’t want to buy a questionable or shoddily built one.
i’m beginning to work toward having information up on the army of Texas website.
a few days ago i got an order i placed with dennis-carpenter.com. they make parts for old fords. i picked up a new accelerator pedal, inside door handles, window crank handles, and 4 key blanks. should be nice to have tight fitting and properly functioning passenger-side handles. and a gas pedal.

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  1. going to a gun show while you’re depressed? i guess it depends on how you view guns…do they make you happy? the more interesting question might be the follow-up: and why is that?

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