“how’s the weather down there?” –mr. henry

well, i never did make it by west alabama ice house thursday. i did go eat a late lunch at empire cafe though. in the afternoon chris called and asked if i wanted to borrow a carpet dryer they had. he brought it over that evening. i used it for a few hours thursday night, but unfortunately it’s continued to rain and i don’t have a garage or anything so it’s kind of hard to leave the windows down and let it air out. i’ve also noticed that my airbag and engine lights are on. i’m guessing it’s probably just sensors that got wet. i’ve been planning on taking the vehicle in for its 50k work, so i guess i can get them to check it then. i’m not too excited about the idea of it getting marked as being flood damaged though, since it wasn’t in the water that long, the water didn’t get terribly high, and i’ve been driving it since. but i guess i need to find out what’s making the lights stay on.
now i’m going to interlace parts of this and last weekend…
last friday evening i went over to blanco’s and caught the show by james hand. i don’t remember the name of the steel guitar player he had with him, but she was good. the lead guitar was also good. i think james mentioned both of them had been from the appalachians. i also spent some of the time sitting outside smoking my pipe. i had to deal with some loud and horny drunks, but i also had some decent conversations with a few people. some of the people working there seemed cool, and they actually asked me to join them at another bar when they were leaving. i decided not to join them, but i figured i’d see them again the next friday since dale watson was playing blanco’s then.
yesterday was maintenance for work, so i went in after lunch. in the morning i finally got around to ordering a few things for my pickup — inside door handles, window crank handles, an accelerator pedal, and 4 ignition and door key blanks. after the maintenance work, i headed back home and then over to blanco’s to catch dale watson. i saw one of the people who work there that i’d met the previous time and we talked for awhile. other than that, i stood or sat by myself and just watched the show. which was good. but it’d be nicer if i knew at least a couple of people who i could meet there, or wanted to go to shows with me. a date would be nice too. (i’m trying to be content being firmly single, but sometimes i’m not too excited about it.)
last saturday i pretty much spent hanging out with the potts and scott and kendra, who were visiting. they were helping jack and sue do some house repair and remodeling. i didn’t help much, but i did reconfigure the linksys wireless router and airport express systems they have so the airport express can be used as a wireless repeater.
last sunday afternoon i went with jason to top gun and spent some time putting rounds through my kimber, glock, (first) walther ppk/s, and kel-tec. i bought a wilson combat 7-round magazine at top gun, but when i tried using it the kimber jammed after a couple of rounds. i’m hoping i just need to break in the magazine. i’ll probably go ahead and buy another kimber tactical magazine anyway. i also got the kel-tec to jam on hollow points and winchester fmj. monarch round-tipped fmj bullets fed through okay. i did note it seemed to jam on the third round. the glock and kimber are both very accurate, very nice pistols.
today i got up fairly early, considering how late i was up. at top gun i’d talked with a guy there about my charles daly and he said the gunsmiths at gander mountain are really good. he said he’d sent a couple of people there after he’d had good experiences with them and everyone had been pleased. so i got up and drove up to the gander mtn at 290 and 1960/6. (that’s the one he and the other people had gone to.) i explained what was going on and they said they’d let me know. hopefully they can figure out what’s going on with it and fix it without it costing too much.
on the way back home i stopped by the men’s wearhouse and got fitted for my monkey suit for my brother’s wedding. it wasn’t raining when i got there this time, but after i was in the store it started pouring down. it didn’t last too long though, and by the time i left it was misting a bit.

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