getting on my gun nerves

i got up saturday and decided i would drive down to the arms room in league city and pick up my charles daly .45. they’ve never contacted me since i called and they said it’d probably just be a few more days — that was 4 or 5 weeks ago. i was hoping they’d be finished with it, but i figured that wouldn’t be the case. i got down there and — sure enough — it wasn’t finished.
but i let them talk me into keeping it some more. they claimed they had tried some parts and they didn’t work, but they had some on order and it should be done within a week or so. mostly they were complaining about finding an extractor for it. but the gunsmith evidently said the gun was heavily fouled, and the take-down pin (or something-or-other) was loose (and worn out?). i’m kind of doubting the difficulty in finding an extractor that will work on it, but i don’t work on charles daly .45’s either. i have been somewhat frustrated by this experience, since i had asked around to find a place that does good work with 1911’s. the comments/analysis/repsonses, time, and lack of communication have not been very impressive from my perspective. oh well. hopefully everything they’re saying is accurate and they know what they’re doing with my pistol.
in passing, the guy mentioned that the pasadena gun show was going on. so i decided to soothe my gun nerves by looking for some stuff at the gun show. in route, i stopped at a village pizza and seafood. it’d been a few years since i’d eaten at one, so i was excited about having a cheeseburger sub (what i used to get). i ended up letting the counter staff talk me into getting a house steak sub instead. it was pretty good, but not as good as their cheeseburger sub. i wish there was one close to me, but all of them are in far south houston and south of houston.
the pasadena gun show was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. i’d just been to the one in the george r. brown, and it had a lot more tables and a lot more selection. (although i did recognize several of the same vendors.) in fact, i didn’t really find anything i was looking for.
having once again gotten my gun feathers ruffled, i decided i would not be defeated. i used google sms to find the closest carter’s country. there is one in pasadena, although it’s miles away from the gun show. i called them to find out how to get to their general area, then took off. i must mention, while on the way i had a chevy pickup with loud pipes fly up on me through traffic. i was in the element, but i decided to play along. he got ahead but ended up getting trapped behind some cars and i was able to get in front of him. he slowed, jumped lanes, and hit the throttle pretty good, but i was already ahead of him and managed to take the middle lane away from him before he could get there. then the flashing lights started. i was in a different lane and several cars ahead by this point, so i looked back to see what was going on. the cop was pulling the guy in the pickup over. i drove on my merry way to carter’s country.
i already knew pretty much what i was planning. i walked in and asked to see the walther ppk/s. this is the model that was stolen from my house back in january or whenever. i said i wanted to purchase it. while there, i also went ahead and purchased an uncle mike’s nylon inside-the-pocket holster for my kel-tec .380 and a bianchi leather internal belt holster for the walther. i went ahead and picked up a couple of boxes of .380 ammo and 8 boxes of 9mm ammo while i was at it. i looked at holsters for the glock 23, but decided to wait.
my gun nerves properly soothed, i headed back toward home.

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  1. Is that the place on the way to the house we shared with Kirk (suddenly this weird phone laugh pops into my head amongst memories of slag covering your coffee maker)? I think the exit is 2818 if memory serves me.
    They did have some decent food, although I can’t remember exactly what I used to order. Ash

  2. i didn’t eat at that particular one (the one on 518 (i.e., w. main street) in league city), but yes that’s the same chain. i ate at the one up on clear lake city blvd right next to the coffee oasis. (
    no, not the particular coffee oasis we spent most of our evenings at back in the day (which was down on el camino real right by nasa road 1, and has been closed for some time). but yes, this one is the same business. i’d been to this one years ago, but i’m not sure if you ever went to it. you started hanging at diedrich’s, i recall.
    and for the record, you used to order the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza. right?
    now you’ve got me going “kirk <pause> hhhheuiser” over and over in my head. thanks a lot. as the red hot chili peppers almost sang: “how come everybody want to keep it like a heuiser?”

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