i did it like this, i did it like that…

okay, so back to the past weekend…
friday i left work around 5pm and headed to the west alabama ice house to hang out with a couple of co-workers and some of their friends. around 6:30pm i headed into work for some maintenance fun. things went good, bad, good, bad, good — so i didn’t leave until around 2am. i had joked i was going to go to the ice house and have some drinks, then go back to work…relaxed. but i actually didn’t have anything to drink. not even a saint arnold’s root beer. (saint arnold’s was there giving away glasses if you bought one of their drinks. i was excited until i saw all they had was their summer pilsner glass.)
saturday i woke up around noon, then rode my motorcycle down to allen parkway for the art car parade. i’d actually never been to it before, even though i’m familiar with it and have numerous friends that go. it was pretty cool to see some of the mods people had done to cars. a couple of really nice restored cars made me want to get an old car though. especially nice were a black 60’s impala and a black ford galaxie. from there i headed to chris and mary’s for a cookout. i was thirsty, so when i stopped by the store to get some hot links i also picked up a gallon of arizona green tea. after asking if anyone else wanted any of the tea and getting negative responses, i drank from the jug. after a few hours we walked to the metro rail and rode it downtown, where we went to the astros-diamondbacks game. it wasn’t a particularly exciting game, but it was a good game because the astros won pretty handily. from there we headed back to chris and mary’s (on the way back we saw a lone pickup fly off a downtown street and into a tree, deploying both airbags in the incident) where we hung out and talked. i continued drinking the arizona green tea. i ended up leaving around 1:30am. all told, i was outside from around 12:30pm until around 2am — that’s pretty rare for me. i could tell i was outside in the warmth because i drank a whole gallon of green tea and never had to use the restroom. finally, the quart or two of water after the tea did it.
sunday i got up and went to kaleo. after kaleo i headed to pei wei with the potts and the hartleys. while there, i asked sue if she was interested in going to the range for mother’s day. she was, so we went and put about 300 rounds through my .40. i took my .380 kel-tec, but it jammed a couple of times. i’m not sure why it did that…i’m planning on field stripping it to see if i can tell what the problem is. sue did pretty good for having little experience with firing a pistol, and she seemed to enjoy it. i took her back to their house and hung out there a few hours, playing with the kids, talking with jack and sue, and watching some tv.
monday after work i met up with chris for supper at empire cafe. even though i’m somewhat chagrined they converted from a coffee house to a restaurant, i must admit their food is really good. and if you want to go somewhere to look upon the cool beautiful people (or to be seen yourself), it’s a good spot. i’m not so much about that, but their food is really good nevertheless.
monday i also realized that on thursday i had put some mail on the couch and had never gotten back to it. i went through it and guess what i found? that’s right! my chl license! it only took about 1 month from the time i submitted it until the time i got it — that’s much better than the 2 to 2.5 months that had been predicted. my picture is happily disturbing. as a bonus, my eyes appear to have this weird dark blue glow to them, so it looks like i’m on the spice (from dune). so now i’m a card carrying gun culture member. (i’m also a member of southern hunting culture as well, but they aren’t the same thing.)
wednesday i left work early and headed to the dentist. i’m tired of going to the dentist. fortunately, the new crown is pretty decent. it’s fatter (in depth) than my original tooth, but i guess that can’t be helped much. it also doesn’t quite match my original bite, which is sometimes annoying. anyway, i’m hoping this will be the end of me dealing with the crown. the fact that the other two teeth they did some work on weeks ago now hurt a bit when i chew on hard foods…well, that’s something to deal with another day.

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