dental hijinx

well, i forgot to mention the dentist called friday and set up an appointment for me on monday afternoon. i got there and they said they wanted to try some kind of tooth sandblasting thing to get the green off the tooth. i was under the impression the green was on the inside and had possibly permeated it as well, but i agreed. they tried it, and it helped — but it was still green. they told me i could decide. i said i really wasn’t too excited about getting the crown cut off and everything, but it was definitely still green so i guess i should. she offered to numb me up good. thank goodness she did, because i’m sure it made the whole overall process much more bearable. i’m not sure if they had no new crown for me and called me in anyway, or if they forgot about it, but they took new impressions and gave me a temp. so now i’ve got to wear this new temp for a couple of weeks until my newer new crown comes in. sigh. i’ll just be glad when this is done and i can quit dealing with dentists for awhile.
after the dentist i met up with tyler (from kaleo) at a starbucks. we talked there for awhile, then headed to academy. it was raining on the way over there, so that reminded me i needed to buy a new umbrella. i’d had my last one since 1998 i think. i bought it at a wal-mart in macomb (in illinois) while i was up there for cornerstone. i’m assuming it was 1998 because tamara was at the wal-mart with me. it was a good umbrella. unfortunately, the last rain spell i was twirling it around too much and i snapped some of the spine joints. sometimes you just can’t help but go dancing and singing in the rain, you know what i mean? okay, i wasn’t really doing that. i was just twirling it around for no good reason.
i also ordered a new tv stand from boltz. they were having a bit of a sale, so i went ahead and bit on one. hopefully it’ll be cool and a good size, and i’ll never have to buy a tv stand ever again. it’s a customized version of the tvxl — two 10 inch shelves, with casters. at some point i’ll have to get a new tv to fill it out. my current tv is vintage 1998, but it’s a 36 inch tube so it’s a decent size. the picture sharpness isn’t nearly as nice as the newer tvs though. i’d be more intent on a new tv if i watched tv more. but i do watch movies, and those are nice to see in widescreen with a good picture.
i was planning on purchasing an israeli galil and a 9mm mac 10 today, but the company was currently out of stock of both. oh well. my stockpiling of various assault weapons will have to commence at a later date. i’ve also started considering looking into what it takes to get a class a firearms license (meaning i could own fully auto weapons), and how (if) it would affect my use of normal firearms.
today i didn’t really have plans, but i ended up going to the houston cold fusion users’ group meeting to hear ben forta speak about the new version of cold fusion coming out sometime this year. i don’t do much cf coding these days, but i still help admin/run/install cf servers. it was an interesting presentation of some of the features of cf 8. i ran into alan (a co-worker from my jsc/nasa days with dyncorp) whom i hadn’t seen in probably 5 years, as well as alma and sherrie (both former employees at my current company) whom i hadn’t seen in probably 3 or so years. sherrie asked how the pigs were, so i had to give a very short statement about tamara and my divorce.

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