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wednesday after the radio show i went with jay lee and groovehouse over to inversion coffee house. it’s the first time i’d been there sans jack. it was jay and groovehouse’s first experience with the place. it seemed to pass their rigid battery of coffee house tests.
okay, not really. i mean, i don’t mean it didn’t really pass. i mean they don’t have a rigid battery of coffee house tests. i don’t even think they have any tests. by that, i don’t mean that they don’t have any standards at all. i’m sure they have some standards. but not…oh, nevermind. they seemed to think the place was okay.
friday was the geek gathering. turnout was okay, with a cast of usuals. afterward i went over to the continental club with jay to check out a set by the octanes. they were opening for candye kane. before the show we dropped by sig’s lagoon, and i came across several cds that are kind of hard to find. i then went over and watched the octanes set. it was good, but not as good as their set i saw a few weeks ago. i bought their cd. so here’s what i got friday night:

  • * lucky seven – the octanes (self-released/g.t.h.i.)
  • * shadows where the magic was – james hand (self-released/honkytonktexas)
  • * thunderstorms and neon signs – wayne hancock (ark21)
  • * blessed or damned – dale watson (hightone)
  • * cheatin’ heart attack – dale watson (hightone)

i headed home, then jack called around 11:30pm. he picked me up and we over to inversion, but we barely made it because they close at midnight on all nights except sunday (which is earlier). i figured they’d stay open later on friday and saturday night since they are open until midnight on weeknights. oh well. we got some drinks and headed back to my house. we sat and talked for a couple of hours.
this morning i woke up and felt like i’d gone on a bender last night. geh. either i’ve got an ongoing low-grade sinus infection or my allergies are freaking out on me. i guess either (or both) is possible.

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