but what’s so bad about failure?

flashing the bios on an older motherboard with no floppy drive connected is a pain. because most manufacturers still like to make things based on windows, not having a windows machine available is also a pain. but we managed to get through all of that and successfully flash the bios, which fixed the problem with the 750 gig drive hanging the bios boot process. that managed to chew up a good bit of my monday holiday.
i also recently managed to successfully install ubuntu linux on my 2 gig flash drive. i was able to boot off it and save files and bookmarks to it, install new software, etc. pretty slick.
i had originally planned to do some cleaning around the house over my three day weekend, since i failed to make any plans. but i didn’t do much. i haven’t done much. i actually watched tv for a couple of hours on tuesday and wednesday. pretty rare for me, and not something i want to get into the habit of doing. this evening i worked kind of late — but accomplished something, so that was good. around 9pm i went over to the alabama ice house to try out the new shiner 98. i sat by myself for the 1+ hour i was there, and talked to no one except the bartender when i ordered. it’s enough to make me not want to go out. i’m not sure that going out somewhere and sitting by yourself not talking to anyone is any better than sitting at home by yourself wishing you were doing something. maybe one of these days i’ll have to learn to meet new people. although i’ll probably have to tackle my impressive mental skills in convincing myself no one would care to talk with me. at least i’ve still got a possible future path in writing manifestos against society, if i can get up the energy to start.

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