i’m setting new trends in dental fashion

yesterday was an exciting one at work. a spammer had figured out how to trick a cgi script on one of our webservers into letting him relay spam through it. once we realized it, i had to figure out how he was doing it and then edit the cgi (perl) script to close the hole. it was a pretty clever hack on his/her part, and hopefully he/she saw the error message i created for what they were doing and enjoyed it.
after work i contemplated going somewhere, but eventually decided to sit down with a bowl of cereal and watch a movie. the movie in question was eragon, which a co-worker had pushed into my hands and told me to watch. no sooner had i got into the opening credits than chris and mary called and asked if i wanted to meet them at berry hill for some food on the patio while the weather is nice. how could i refuse?
after a pleasant supper and a couple of strawberry margaritas, i headed back home and watched the movie. eh. it was okay, but mostly it came across as a thin and 2-d attempt at a movie. it just seemed like too many times it was obvious where it lifted scenes or styles from, and the generic hollywood treatment seemed too blatent. the kid-friendly mode was not handled as well as other kid-friendly movies i’ve seen, imo.
today i spent a couple of hours at work, then took off because i had a dental appointment to get my permanent crown put on. i’m not a big fan of dentist visits, and this one didn’t go quite as smoothly as the last. nothing horrible, but it just wasn’t as comfortable. getting the temp crown off started off with some pain, and i kept having to wince or react to get them to offer to deaden my gums or tooth. plus my exposed original tooth was pretty sensitive to touch until they finally wiped something on it that deadened the sensitivity. when they finally got the permanent crown in, it didn’t fit enough like my old tooth to give me my normal bite back. but the worst thing is they used some kind of green stuff that stained the ceramic crown, but they didn’t realize it until they had permanently glued it into my mouth. they are having another crown made, and set me up with an appointment for two weeks. but right now i’ve got a permanently glued green-tinted crown in my mouth. and unfortunately, in order to get it off they will have to cut the crown in pieces and take it off. geh! i was pretty excited thinking this was all going to be behind me after today.
i had originally planned to take a couple of hours after lunch to get the camper bus towed from jack and sue’s to my new place, but time didn’t cooperate. so then i tried doing it after the dentist, but that was going to take too long as well. so i ended up scheduling a tow truck for after the radio show. everything appeared to go nominally, and now all of my vehicles are here at the house with me. that means i’ve got here (in order of age, youngest to oldest): 2004 honda vtx1300 motorcycle, 2003 honda element, 1977 vw camper bus, 1965 ford f-100 pickup. for one person. and three of them run and are legal. much more and the driveway will runneth over.

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  1. Sorry about your dentist experience. You grow up thinking doctors know it all and you place your trust in them, then……….. You get older and find out they don’t know it all and how inept many of them are! You should have had that tooth for St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂
    Love you

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