hank, tobacco, and taxes

sunday was the day i was planning on doing my taxes, since i hadn’t done them friday or saturday and i had told myself i was going to do them over the weekend. well, it didn’t happen. i got up and went to kaleo, went to chuy’s with tyler and the hartley’s, took a three hour or so nap, bought something at border’s, then spent a couple of easter-themed hours at…uh…i don’t remember their last name…with the potts’.
i was originally planning to purchase the second bear family bob wills box set faded love, but they didn’t have it at the warehouse. well, they had two entries for it online, although neither i nor anyone else could determine the difference — other than the $60 price difference, that is. anyway, they didn’t have any copies. so then i moved on to the complete milton brown recordings box set, but they didn’t have that anywhere either. so i looked around in the store and ended up choosing:

  • the complete hank williams – hank williams (mercury)

it’s a 10 cd box set that came out in 1998. it has all of hank’s studio label recordings, along with various other things (demos, some radio performances, grand ole opry, the health and happiness shows, etc.). it does not include every recording that exists of him. i managed to use a 30% off coupon plus a 10% personal shopping day, so the price was pretty decent. it should give me plenty of hank to listen to for awhile. but that’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.
i am supposed to be working on setting up a loosely organized gathering of a limited number of guys from kaleo to sit around and discuss theology, the practical application of theology, etc. over cigars and/or pipes. i’ve always thought it was cool that folk (like c. s. lewis and j. r. r. tolkein, for example) would contemplate G-d, the bible, culture, etc. while smoking a pipe or cigar. a cigar or (especially) a pipe lends itself to changing gears…changing speeds…and taking a break from the world. it’s a perfect time to contemplate things (whatever said things may be). it was common in the past for people to listen to jazz or read while smoking a pipe, for example. i think there is a great deal to be said for taking the time to step outside the fast pace of modern life and just allow the world to pass on by for awhile as you rest and refocus and put your mind to something complex and enjoyable. and a pipe or cigar can help enable and gently maintain that mental transition. while i’m very familiar with the satisfaction of doing so by myself, to share that time with others while enjoying a cigar or pipe should be a pleasant experience. or at least that’s my hope. we shall see.
this evening i had supper at the potts’ house, then i came home and took care of my taxes. i’m trying to decide if i want to buy an ak-47 with my refund. (how’s that for an abrupt transition from a discussion about the mellow contemplation of life?)

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  1. Speaking of C.S. Lewis (no, not my 1997 laptop whose hard drive finally gave up the ghost — the one in the machine — and its contents took that trip into the void where all old data goes, but the actual english dude) and Tolkien, you’re forgetting about the mug(s) of beer that also accompanied their theological dialogue! It loosens the tongue (what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven brother) and greases conversation. “Ummm…. beer, my love for you will never die!”
    However, I’m not sure beer is fully compatible with an ak47 (although the ak has been known to accompany many a theological discussion).
    So, do you think you’ll make it out to Asia this summer?

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