disco infection

friday i was supposed to be babysitting jackson while jack and sue went to dallas. plans fell through for them, so my evening was suddenly freed up. i ended up eating supper with the potts’ at the house of pies, and then headed over to the continental club to see the aqua velva (a b-52’s cover band) and disco expressions (all disco cover band). sue ended up joining me, while jack took the kids home. we only caught the end of the aqua velva set, but i’d seen them before. disco expressions was a lot of fun, both to listen to and to watch. they’re having a “prom night” at the continental club on friday, may 18th — show up in a prom dress or tux approximation and pay no cover.
saturday i pretty much spent the whole day over at the potts’ house. i ate lunch with them, took about a 5 hour nap at their house, ate supper with them, and watched snl.
this morning i got up and for some reason though kaleo started at 10:30am. so i showed up 30 minutes late. (it starts at 10am.) afterward, i went to lunch at a wendy’s with the potts and the hartleys. i managed to get some more leifeste genealogy entered. i have entered all of the updates that were given to me by family members from my great-grandfather’s line. i headed to soundwaves this evening and picked up a few cds:

  • the fabulous johnny cash (american milestones) – johnny cash (columbia/legacy)
  • from the cradle to the grave – dale watson (hyena)
  • uaioe – kmfdm (metropolis)

the cash album is a re-release of his debut columbia album, with 6 bonus tracks and some extra liner notes and pics and such. the new dale watson album was recorded in a log cabin johnny cash used to own, but that is now owned by johnny knoxville. (yes, that johnny knoxville.) and no, the cabin is not the cash house that burned down. that is/was owned by barry gibb. (yes, that barry gibb.) at least knoxville is apparently a huge fan of good, old country music and really knows a lot about it. the odd bird out is the kmfdm album — no connection to johnny cash i’m aware of. or jackass. or the bee gees. but it’s good old industrial dance, nevertheless.

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