did you ever have a touch to lose, man?

i went by the bank thursday morning and got the cashier’s check, then dropped my concealed handgun application off at the post office. so if all goes well, in 60 or so days…
thursday after work i decided to head by the west alabama ice house. i called a few people. no one was available, but i went ahead and went anyway. brad and kelli said they might come by a little later. then while i was sitting there alone, natalie called to see if i wanted to eat supper somewhere since she was in the area. she agreed to meet me at the ice house. then chris and mary called and said they’d had a change in plans so they were planning on stopping by. throw in the rather inebriated fellow who sat down with natalie while i was away one time — and stayed seated with us while everyone else showed up — and we had a pretty good party of 7 people. it worked out well, since i was worried i was going to be there all by myself until i finally threw in the social towel and went home.
natalie had called about food originally, so she and i left the ice house and headed over to chuy’s. it hadn’t been a real long time since i’d seen her, but it’d been some time since i’d been able to just sit down and talk with her. we had a good conversation about a lot of the things we seem to end up talking about. hopefully we can manage to see each other again with a little less time passing between.
friday i was off of work, so i got up and drove the pickup down to league city to visit the arms room. i dropped off my charles day 1911 and asked them to change out the recoil spring with an 18 or 18.5 lb spring, along with probably a new (better) extractor, plus polish the throat and check the slide and etc. they were friendly enough and seemed to want to do the best things to make me happy. hopefully once i get this work done to it the problems i’ve been having will go away and it’ll be a fine shooter.
after that i headed over to the potts’ house because i was going to eat a late lunch with them. while i was over there, i got in a fight and chipped the temporary crown. well, i got in a fight with dietrich over a stick, and when i clenched my teeth the bottom of the temporary crown along with about the bottom third of the front of it went flying out of my mouth. there wasn’t any sensitivity or pain, so i went ahead and ate and drank at lunch and everything seemed okay.
they were having a “guys night out” so i decided i was free and could go. they were going to the dollar theater to see night at the museum. i jumped in the car, and as we were driving off jack said “so how are the tech bytes guys?” i replied “they’re fi…uh…oh crap. i can’t go to the movie! the geek gathering is tonight!” so jack turned around and dropped me off and i drove to tropioca to hang out with the tech bytes folk. i had originally thought i might go out and do something afterward, but i decided to head home.
today i slept in until around 11am. man, that was nice. around 1pm i decided maybe i should call the dentist just to see if they were open and if they thought i should do something about the broken temporary crown. they told me to come in, so i did. they used some of the stuff they use on fillings to reshape the bottom of the crown. it felt weird, especially in the back, and was a bit long compared to my original tooth, but it was covering everything and looked okay.
a got a message from chris saying they were going to the 6:50pm showing of grindhouse at the alamo draft house at highway 6. which was funny, since natalie had told me thursday night at chuy’s that sketkar and some other people were going to the 6:50pm showing at alamo on highway 6. i bought a ticket online in case it might be sold out at the door. i got there and ordered a coke and a hawaiian pizza. about three bites into the pizza my new temporary fix broke off of my tooth. sigh. oh well. the movie was entertaining, although gory and violent in a campy sort of way. which was kind of the point of the film.
after the movie, the two groups were standing side by side in the lobby, but evidently no one from either group knew anyone except me. that was kind of weird, since i’m used to groups i know having some kind of connection other than me. i had driven my pickup there so i told andy to check it out as he was leaving. he came back a few minutes later and told me i had left my lights on. geh. i went outside and sure enough, the battery was too low to start the engine. and i have multiple sets of jumper cables, but evidently none in my pickup. fortunately, a few people were still around and one of them had jumper cables. my pickup takes awhile to warm up, and before it’s warmed up it’ll sometimes die. i sat in the parking lot for a couple of minutes, but as i was driving out it died in the middle of the intersection with traffic coming. fortunately, i turned the key and it restarted. it would have sucked if it hadn’t, especially because a black pickup across lanes in the middle of a dark road with a speed limit of around 50mph isn’t a good thing.
i had originally thought i might go out afterward, but with the tooth broken again and the pickup issue, i decided to just call it a night before anything else happened.

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  1. I was eagerly anticipating the Bottle Rocket reference tie in with the title of the post, but I must have missed it or that was it.

  2. ha ha. yeah, sometimes i like to put movie or song quotes as the titles — even though it has nothing or almost nothing to do with the entry. nice catch though! i’m very happy you noticed and recognized it.

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