up, up, and…down. up, up, and…down.

saturday i got up late, then dropped by luling city market before heading to the top gun indoor shooting range. (bbq and guns…hoorah.) having grown up in the country, i never really had any reason to go to an indoor range — we just went to the free outdoor range by the lake, or out to our land. thus, i also never had to shoot indoors around a bunch of other people i didn’t know. i was somewhat intimidated by the whole process, but i managed to get through it without any problems. the taurus performed well. i put 4 boxes of cci blazer brass through it. the gun failed to feed two times — both on first rounds of a clip. other than that, all was nominal.
saturday evening i dropped by academy and picked up some gun cleaning supplies and various things, as well as five new boxes of ammo (2 boxes of winchester fmj, 2 boxes of monarch brass fmj, and 1 box of winchester hollow point). after leaving, i realized honesty had cost me. originally, the guy rang up all 3 winchester boxes at the fmj price. the hollow points were more expensive, so i told him his error. but he took only one item off, then rescanned all three. so i paid for two more boxes of fmj than i bought. also, when i got home and opened the cleaning kit there were a couple of pieces missing. i needed to try to correct all of this, but i decided to wait. instead, i figured out how to field strip the taurus and spent some time cleaning and oiling it. hopefully this will be a pattern i continue.
after that i drove over to the big top to check out jay’s band the flying fish sailors. they are a celtic band, and were getting quite the workout due to it being st. patrick’s day. the big top was their last of three shows for the day, the first starting at 8am. it turns out i didn’t know anyone there other than jay and cynthia, so i stood around for awhile until i couldn’t take being by myself in a bar surrounded by groups of people, then i left.
sunday i was planning on going to church, but i ended up pulling an old “college days” pattern saturday night and stayed up on the computer until 5am. i didn’t make it to church. in the early afternoon, i went back to academy. fortunately, they were cool about it and refunded the money. after academy, i rode over to crescent city beignets and had some beignets and cafe au lait while i read a book. then i came back home and took a nap. even later i went over to the potts and had some pizza while we watched adaptation. kaufman is such a cool writer.
yesterday i left work a bit early and stopped by rms auto care to talk to the manager there about possibly doing work on my pickup. it’s been sitting over at the potts since mid november, and i’d really like to be driving it again. i’m thinking i’ll probably take it to rms and see how things go. after taking care of going to rms, i met up with jason and eric. we rode on our motorcycles to top gun and i put 200 more rounds through the taurus. no misfeeds, no misfires, no problems at all. that was nice. we left there and after dropping our pistols off we went to pappadeux’s for supper. leaving there, we rode through downtown, picked up tiffany at bohemian photography, and rode around some more. i have to say it was a good evening.
once home i jumped on sl, then ended up feeling down about myself and my prospects for the future. that’s something that happens every now and then. given my propensity for self-reflection and pessimism, mixed with the things that have happened to me regarding my marriage (with tamara)…it’s not too surprising i guess. but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. i was pretty sure that getting to bed would provide a good solution for turning my brain off, so that’s where i headed.

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