new motorcycle plate revealed at last!

on friday before going into work i also managed to get by the county tax office and pick up my new motorcycle license plate. so without further ado, here it is:


yup, it’s a native Texan plate with “SL4K”. (may “H4XR” rest in peace. d4mn thieves.)

4 comments on “new motorcycle plate revealed at last!”

  1. Nice! Can you only put 4 characters on the Native plate, or was the version with an R at the end taken?
    Did you see my blog when I posted about a certain Medical School in your fair city blocking my blog until my Oh Sh1t! post moved off the main page and into the archives? I feel you may be, at least in part, responsible for that. I found it funny.

  2. you can only put 4 characters on the specialty plates. although when i was looking for personalized vehicle plates, i was surprised by just how much stuff is unavailable.
    yeah, your brother mentioned it at church last week, but i had been neglecting my blog reading duties for a few weeks. i made a comment on that post…yesterday, i think. i don’t work on the web blocking stuff, but i work with/around the people who do. so i can claim innocence. well, at least on this particular matter. 🙂

  3. Sure, it SAYS “Sl4k”, but does it RUN Slackware? If not, you’re a poser fraud.
    Whatup Phlik?!? Things in China are…Chinese. LiveJournal got blocked.

  4. well…i sit on it, and i’m a slacker, so…that’s sort of close.
    if i can get off my butt and make some plans i’ll be heading to china here one of these days. (this also helps to prove my status as a slacker.)
    of course, my friend tim (who was visiting a few weeks ago from south korea) said they get suspicious/nervous about bad or scary passport pics. so i showed him my passport and he said “uh…you might have some problems, dude.” i then said i could show my Texas driver’s license and showed it to him, and he said “yeah. not really helping.”

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