keep truckin’

also, today i finally managed to take some time off of work to take care of some business. since i was going to the dentist in the late afternoon and would thus be out for awhile, i decided to leave early and try to meet a aaa tow truck at the potts’ house and get my truck into a shop. i got to the potts’ residence and called aaa (which was a very simple and pleasant experience), but the first tow truck to come by was not a flatbed. he admired my truck, then said i should use a flatbed. he called in and requested a flatbed to come by. about 30 minutes later, the flatbed truck showed up. again, the aaa people were pleasant and called me to give me updates. this driver was also pleasant and helpful. (and hopefully he didn’t jack up my suspension or something when he was cranking down the chains.) the process took a little longer than i’d hoped, but i did manage to get the truck to rms auto care and only be about 10 minutes late to my dentist’s office. hopefully, rms will take good care of me and get my truck back up and functional soon.

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