another meat and martini, please

yesterday i dropped by cavender’s to pick up a new suit jacket. i looked around and saw a few things i liked, but i ended up buying one i’d looked at a few times in the past: a scully black lamb leather western cut jacket (example from the justification for this purchase was chris and mary’s 2nd houston meat and martini party (now with it’s very own website: around 8pm i stopped by luling city market and picked up one pound of brisket and four sausage links, along with some white bread and their delicious mustard-based sauce, and headed over to the party. it was a good turnout and there were a lot of both meat and martinis. i smoked my pipe, i had five or so “martinis” (by that, i mean i just mixed various things i liked, consisting of various amounts of: vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lime juice, contrieau, cherry juice, etc), i talked with a number of people. i still have this idea that perhaps i’ll go to a social event and run into some interesting lady, and we’ll have a nice conversation and something good will happen. not surprisingly, so far that hasn’t ever happened. but it was fun hanging out with friends from work and friends of friends. i left around 1am.

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