the year of TeRRY (?)

…at least that’s what jack would have you believe. we’ll see.
i helped jack move some stuff from his old office to his new one on saturday night. when i was getting ready to leave, my element wouldn’t start. something was wrong with the battery or the electrical system, as the lights and electronics were flickering, buzzing, and behaving oddly. jack gave me a jump and it started up. in case the battery had run down, i left it running at my house then headed to the potts’ residence. as soon as i stopped it, the dome light was dim. jack gave me a jump again. when i got home, same thing. i figured it was the battery since getting a jump worked, but i didn’t know for sure. sunday, sue came over before church and took me to autozone where they verified the battery was kaput (and i gave a little cheer since i didn’t want to deal with electrical problems) and i bought a new one. i put it in and things were normal again.
i spent new year’s eve at a semi-formal dinner and party at chris and mary’s place. i managed to overcome my aversion to dressing up and tucked in my western shirt and wore a suit jacket. of course, i was also wearing wrangler blue jeans and snake skin boots — but i was pretty dressed up for me. the food was good, i smoked my pipe, i had a couple of drinks, i smoked a cigar i’d brought, i came home (around 4am). i’m not much of the swingin’ bachelor, but i guess i did alright.
2006 wasn’t a bad year, all told. even though there were some painful, frustrating, and anger-inducing pieces, overall it was mostly about endings. i finally managed to wrap up pretty much everything related to the painful, gaping wounds in my back from tamara. i know i will always have scars, but at least most of the healing process is over and i am at a point to stand or fall on my own, not due to tamara.
today i had my first meal of 2007: goode company bbq. starting off the new year eating sausage and brisket with beans and potato salad, drinking some sweet iced tea, and listening to classic country music just seemed a good choice.

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  1. Dad & I thing starting off the new year that way sounds good to us. We had ham, blackeyed peas and carrots with ranch dip. Think yours sounds better.

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