movie gluttony

i picked up a few movies over the weekend…

  • blade runner (director’s cut) — ridley scott (warner brothers)
  • the blues brothers (25th anniversary edition) — belushi and aykroyd (universal)
  • finding nemo (2-disc collector’s edition) — pixar (walt disney)
  • full metal jacket — stanley kubrick (warner brothers)
  • the good, the bad, and the ugly (2-disc special edition) — eastwood, leone (mgm)
  • the royal tenenbaums (criterion collection) — anderson (touchstone)
  • the empire strikes back (2-disc limited edition) — lucas (20th century fox)
  • return of the jedi (2-disc limited edition) — lucas (20th century fox)

i’ve been planning on buying blade runner for some time, but i kept hoping they’d release the original cut as well. i decided to give up on waiting and just get this one. the blues brothers is a classic i’ve also wanted for some time but just hadn’t gotten around to getting. finding nemo was one of the movies stolen from 9023 by the pot-smoking kids. full metal jacket is kubrick, and that’s enough. the good, the bad, and the ugly i got because i’ve been wanting some old eastwood westerns for some time and this looked like a cool release of this movie. this copy of the royal tenenbaums replaces the version i let tamara have. she identified with margo a little too closely during those final days of her mental collapse, or embrace of two-faced nature, or defeat by sin, or whatever it was. in fact, a few days before she admitted she was having the affair (and thus obviously while she was having it) we were at target and we bought a coat for her that had a strong visual resemblance to that of margot. i kind of wish i’d had some clue just how much she was behaving like margot. i bought the two star wars movies to get the original versions on dvd. this makes like the third set of star wars i’ve bought…i hope this one lasts.
there were a number of other films that jumped out as me as needing to be in my home collection, but i decided to show at least a bit of restraint. there’s always next weekend…

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  1. I liked the narraration in the original Blade Runner. That’s the main difference as far as I remember. The director has done a good job of quashing the original screen version.

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