yet another week gone by

things have been pretty uneventful lately. i started feeling sick on thursday afternoon, but fortunately it hasn’t gotten too bad. i’ve been popping zinc and vitamin c since thursday evening. we’ll see if it gets better or worse.
i’ve managed to get probably about half of my xmas shopping done — i decided to go gift cards. i figure i pick places i’d buy them stuff, then just give them money to that place instead of trying to figure out what they’d want there. less personal i suppose, but they’re more likely to get what they want.
i managed to get all of my new netflix films (they were sent to 9023). i watched sympathy for mr. vengeance friday night. it’s a korean “ultraviolent” film about a deaf and dumb guy who ends up kidnapping a girl to try and get money to pay for his sister’s organ transplant, after he gets ripped off from selling one of his kidneys on the black market. some of the visuals were pretty cool, but overall i thought the movie was fairly mediocre.
i went to kaleo both last week and today. that’s two weeks in a row. i would say i’m going to have to be careful or it’ll become a habit, but i don’t think i’ll be going this coming sunday. *whew!*
friday when i rode my motorcycle, it was cutting out some on the way home. i was kind of worried about what might be going on. this morning, i went outside and took the seat off to get to the battery, and the terminal screws were both loose. i guess the dealership didn’t tighten them down very well after they finished working on my bike. grr. at least it was a cheap and easy fix.
i’ve been to ikea about 4 times since i last posted. i keep forgetting something, or deciding to get more. i bought a metal filing cabinet on casters, but other than that it’s pretty much all curtains and curtain rods. i think i’m almost done.
earlier today i was sitting on the couch in the living room and i had a sudden “realization” that this place i was in is where i live. like this is my stuff, and i’m living here. kind of a weird feeling/sense, but obviously true.

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  1. Being the nomad that I am, I can relate to your “realization” of home. Each time I move, I always wonder how long it will be before it seems normal and not different.

  2. Our new place started seeming normal a month or 2 ago. Although, I do still sometimes find myself amazed that I am in Seattle and it is home.

  3. the term “home” isn’t really the feeling i was describing. i just mean a realization that i wasn’t on a set of a show or visiting some friends or something. it was *my* stuff in the rooms, and i was the one living in this place. but not “home.”
    i didn’t really think 9023 was home to me, but i lived there 8 years. i still don’t really look back on it as “home” — though it was the closest thing i’ve had. i haven’t felt like i’ve had a home since i left my parents’ house. 9023 never felt like it was supposed to be permanent — meaning tamara and i went in with the plan of only being there two or three years. that turned into four, then a year of transition and upheaval, then the affair happened and the last three years there it was just a dead husk of a place where i kept my stuff and slept.
    it’d be nice to feel like i have a home, but i don’t see that happening in the near future.

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