twas the week before xmas

monday night i spent a number of hours trying to help jack get a linux server set up. actually, we never got to the linux part, as we were putting the hardware together and when we finished it wouldn’t boot. *sigh* i’m not sure at this point what the problem was. hopefully it was a bad cpu — the one jack had was “new”…except it’d been opened and there was thermal paste on the edges. so obviously someone else had used it. what with overclockers and people not knowing what they’re doing, who knows if the cpu was any good. jack returned it and ordered two from somewhere else. hopefully the system will boot when we put them in. i left his office at 4am.
when i got home, i started working on setting up a webmail server that uses imap. some problems had happened at work over the weekend and i had offered this as a possible solution. i finished that around 6:30am and went to bed around 7am. i got up at 10am and went into work.
i watched the war within tuesday night. i was originally planning on watching the big kahuna as i was in the mood for something funnier, but unfortunately the dvd had been cracked in the mail so i couldn’t watch it. the war within was produced by mark cuban / hdnet. it’s the story of a middle eastern guy who gets wrongly abducted and abused by the u.s. govt because they think he’s involved with terrorists. this puts a burning hatred toward the u.s. in him and he sneaks into the u.s. to be part of a terrorist attack. he lives with an old friend and the friend’s family, but they like the u.s. anyway, that’s enough of a plot setup. overall the movie was pretty good, but not amazing. it delved into interesting territory and covered different perspectives. plus the visuals were pretty good (although sometimes it seemed like it was trying too hard to have a cool visual and became cliche-ish). although it didn’t go as far as crash, it still seemed to have the (trendy) need to show the good and evil nature of most characters and how perspective justifies each of them, and how good and evil happen to every character. still, i think there are probably some people that could stand to watch it and discuss it.
wednesday after the show i had a late supper with robb zipp at the kirby house of pies. i didn’t have any pie, but once again they were out of the bayou goo. i’m having trouble deciding if i think it’s a conspiracy against me or if they’re shortchanging all of their patrons by not making enough bayou goo. jack joined us right about when we were leaving, as he wanted to drop off the linux server at my house so i could work on it at home after the new cpus come in.
thursday i took an extended lunch and got a bit more shopping done. i managed to get a few more gift cards, and i bought myself a present: a new pipe. i’ll go into more detail about that in another post.
thursday after work i went over to the potts’ house for a pot roast dinner. i had toys’r’us gift cards for jackson, dietrich, and calista, and jack and sue had a present for me. (neither of us knew the other was bringing presents.) they got me a very nice universal remote. while i was very appreciative of it, i was kind of worried about how the cost would fit into their current budget. i don’t have any mouths to feed (other than my cat, and she’s cheap), so my budget has a pretty good amount of fat available in it.
from there i took jack over to eric and amy’s so he could pick up their truck (he’s moving his business to 77002…he’s cool trendy like that). we talked with amy for awhile, mostly about ecclesia and theology and churches and such. (i’ll have to talk some more on here about ecclesia sometime.) i stopped by brasil with jack so he could get some coffee. it looked like the island of hip young tv show casting call rejects. everyone was dressed to impress — fashionable and nice, but quirky in some way. kind of funny. while there we ran into a girl jack knew, and i learned she is going to tarleton. she’s the first person i’ve met in a long time who was going or went to tarleton. (the reason this is of interest to me is that my parents went to tarleton, and my grandparents lived near tarleton.)

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  1. I vote for a conspiracy against you.
    Or, you could voice your concern with the manager and ask them what time you need to be there to get your hands on some goo. It could be that there is another guy that comes in right before you and buys it all up everyday.
    We used to have this crazy guy who would come in to DoubleDave’s and eat the entire salad bar. We called him salad bar guy. He made the biggest mess you could imagine. He would end up wearing a lot of the salad. By the time he would leave, all the items on the salad bar would be no more than a quarter full. We would have to fill up the lettuce at least once while he was there.

  2. while a conspiracy against me is still entirely feasible — i actually asked a waitress a couple of times ago if they make it anymore, and if so when i needed to get there to get some. i tend to show up after 10pm, sometimes closer to 2am — evidently that’s too late.
    since i used to eat at double dave’s every sunday evening at a&m with a number of friends (the school cafeterias are closed sunday evenings, you see, and dd’s had a buffet), at first i was worried you might have been talking about me or one of my friends. then i remembered that we never touched the salad bar. except to get some ranch dressing or marinara sauce.

  3. ahh…. double daves. Those were the days. I remember not eating anything all day in preparation and being very hungry when 6pm and double dave’s time rolled around. Now I live in Taiwan where apparently american peas, corn, carrots, mayo and other assorted ‘non-pizza’ weirdness are the norm. come to think of it, sounds like the salad bar got into the pizza.
    I don’t normally post on these things. Sort of a personal protest against the word ‘blog’ (not the concept, the word). Just doesn’t sound right. Like chocolate soda. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just plain wrong.

  4. glad to see you overcome your aversion, ash! but if you’ll notice the url of this site it is “weblog” not “blog”. i use the word “blog” now because it’s so common and understood, but i intentionally chose to use “weblog” because i’m not a big fan of the word “blog” either. so now you don’t have to protest this site! 🙂
    one of my favorite by-the-slice pizzas to get at star pizza is an odd combo i came up with — ground beef, sliced potatoes, and shredded carrot. i call it beef stew pizza. it rocks!

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