target approaching. all systems nominal.

more good results today! i’m liking the trend here…
i got up a bit late, loaded up the element, picked up jack, dropped him off at a car rental place downtown, then headed to the house where i unpacked. from there i went to the post office and they still had my passport! the exclamation point is necessary because it’d been 10 days since they tried to deliver it and normally they return stuff after about 5 days. so that rocked. and as hoped, the passport pic is amazing. even most of the people at work were impressed. perhaps i normally look like a mass murderer, but this pic is a straight-up match for a police pic of the likes of john wayne gacey or some other deranged madman. i’m so proud!
from there i headed into work, where i put in about 4 hours of work. (don’t worry, i accounted for all of my time appropriately.) i left around 5pm to head back to the house and get some more stuff done.
before starting on the house, i took off to get two more gallons of high octane gas and some junk to create a special gas concoction. i ended up just buying some heet, which is supposed to clean gas or something. (people up north use it as gas antifreeze…i think it absorbs/neutralizes water and such.) i was reading the containers for gas treatment, fuel injection / carb cleaner, system cleaner, octane booster, etc. and they all sounded about like they did the same stuff. back home, i poured about half the heet into the tank, then about half the octane boost, then the two new gallons of gas. i started the bus up and got it backed out of the garage and into the driveway (in the same place it’d sat for a year or more before the home owners’ association got wise and made me move it).
moving it out of the garage gave me access to most of the rest of the stuff in the garage. i went through most everything and either packed it in the element, sat it aside for the movers, or put it in the trash pile. once done, i finished loading the element and then piled the last of my clothes in. i took that over to the new hacienda and dropped it all off. while there, i picked up the new registration sticker for the bus and the business card for the people who bought my house, along with a day bag.
on the way back to my house i stopped by the potts’ and picked up jack. i put the new registration sticker on the bus and then i made a clandestine night-time drive to jack’s. the bus never ran very well. if the rpms got very low, it’d die. i eventually got pretty good at using downshifting and the parking brake to slow/stop myself so i could keep the rpms high. it died and i had to restart it a number of times, but the bus is now sitting at the potts’ house (and i smell like some kind of chemical smoke).
i shouldn’t have any problems taking care of everything that’s left in the house outside of what the movers are moving for me. they really have a pretty light task, actually. i probably could have done pretty much everything myself if i’d rented a u-haul tomorrow. oh well.
tonight is my last night in the house. tomorrow my bed will be moved, and i’ll be staying at the new place. i stopped by taco cabana on the way home from jack’s — i wouldn’t be surprised if the first meal we ate here in the house was food from taco cabana. it’s kind of like southwestern-colored bookends.
honestly, i think i’ve been through too much and it’s been too long for me to get too emotional about moving out of the house. it was a constant pain, and overall i’m not sad to see it go. the circumstances leading to it, not so much. but even with that, i have to work with what was given to me. i’m trying to make the best of things, and i feel like things are about to get a whole lot better. here’s hoping.

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