reduce, recycle, move

saturday i went with sue and the potts kids plus one to michael’s craft store. they have a kids’ craft thing on the weekend where you pay a couple of bucks for your kid to do a pre-arranged craft. while sitting there, i took some extra putty or whatever it was and crafted a simple small airplane (passenger aircraft in style) and then a wooden chair with a back and two vertical angled slats. i was just passing the time, but some of the adults seemed impressed by my handiwork. eh. why did i go to this, you ask? so i could get a ride to pick up my element from the motorcycle shop, of course.
my brother was in town with his girlfriend for a wedding, so he called and we made plans to go to lunch. i picked him up and we dropped by the briar shoppe (pipe store in rice village) where i looked at pipe lighters. from there we went to fuzzy’s pizza (also in rice village). afterward, we headed over to half price books. i picked up a few books and one cd:

  • * muleshoe and more: the remarkable stories behind the naming of Texas towns by bill and clare bradfield (gulf publishing company)
  • * toxic faith: experiencing healing from painful spiritual abuse by stephen arterburn and jack felton (shaw / waterbook press)
  • * lovesick blues: the life of hank williams by paul hemphill (viking / penguin group)
  • * cash by the editors of the rolling stone (virgin books)
  • * cash: an american man by bill miller (cmt / pocket books)
  • * legends of country – various (prism leisure)

i hate going to busy places where parking is hard to find. i also don’t really like going to crowded places in general. especially when it is all centered around people shopping. ah, the joy of rice village on weekends.
after that, i dropped my brother off at the hotel they were staying at (the magnolia, very swanky!) and then went to the westpark recycling center. i still had all that old computer stuff and electronics in the back of my car. this time they were opened. it was all very simple and convenient. you just drive up the ramp into the building, then people come and take the stuff out of your car. you don’t have to turn off the engine or get out or anything. they also evidently don’t keep the “only 5 electronic items per household per month” rule, since they never asked for any information and i had 6 or 7 things in the back and they took them all. this is all good to know, as i have quite a few other pieces of electronic junk that i need to dispose of there.
i headed home, then joined sue, calista, and dietrich for some ice cream at dairy queen. after that i headed down to high times. i went there because i’d decided to go ahead and pick up a zippo pipe lighter (which they had), as well as some incense. i’ll probably buy a nicer butane pipe lighter from the briar shoppe, but i figured the zippo would be nice to have anyway. as for the incense, i’ve gotten into it the last few months, but i really like the incense you can get at head shops — they have a stronger scent and smell better. me having the tendencies i do, i’m trying to burn through most of the lamer incense in the house before i use much of the good stuff. (yes, i’m one of those people that does/uses/eats the things i don’t like as much and save what i like best for last.)
i got home and actually started packing up some stuff for moving. during a break i smoked a creme de menthe phillie cigar. i strongly suggest you avoid these at all cost. (the pina colada phillies, on the other hand, are a fine cheap cigar.) i decided i would tackle the bathrooms and kitchen first, since i can pack most or all of that without affecting my day-to-day activities. next will be the upstairs computer room, which i have only gone into a handful of times in the last two years. then then master bedroom/closet. after that, i haven’t decided if it’ll be the garage or the living/dining room.
this morning i met linc and heather at the house of pies on kirby for breakfast (thus making the decision to break my one-sunday streak in a row of going to kaleo). after that i led them over to the house i’ll be moving into so they could see it. it’s very conveniently located near the house of pies, which may not be good for my weight and cholesterol.
i came home and continued the packing, then went to houston first baptist this evening to make up for skipping church this morning. i was thinking i might try to get some more packing done before calling it a night, but i’m not sure if that’ll be happening. overall, it was still a pretty productive weekend on that front.

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