old vw, heavy trash

yesterday after training i aired up the two tires i could get to on the vw bus, then pulled the battery (which was dead). i took it to autozone and they tried to charge it, but it was a goner. they gave me a pro-rated rate on a new battery and i brought it home and put it in the bus. then i went to get the key for it, and…i couldn’t find it. i searched all over. i still can’t find it. which is horribly annoying. i know at least three places where it has been, and where i used to see it, but it wasn’t in any of those places. or any of the numerous other places i looked.
i was hoping jack could come over and help me move the bus about a foot into the garage if i couldn’t get it started, but then i found out he was out of town for the day/night. so eventually i managed to get it pushed by myself. i needed to do this because i was setting out some stuff for heavy trash day (which was today) and something was trapped between the bus and the garage door rail. i successfully got it out and it’s gone to waste heaven now, along with some other stuff.

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