i <3 tow truck drivers

my previous entry left out an experience i had on my way to the recycling center…
after turning onto fountain view from 59, a wrecker flew up within a few inches of the car in the middle lane and then whipped in front of me (left lane), forcing me to put on my brakes so he didn’t hit me with his winch frame. as if that wasn’t annoying enough, it was a half block from westpark, which had a red light. but no, he had to whip in front of me and force me to brake, just so he could be in the front of the line at the light. i made some inconsiderate hand gestures, then unbuckled and got extremely close to getting out and walking up to his vehicle. instead, i wrote down his license plate and information. after the light turned green, he went straight but almost immediately whipped back into the center lane. i’m hoping with the recent death of a couple by a wrecker driver, the city will be hyper-sensitive about moronic wrecker drivers and he will actually get in some kind of trouble for being an 4ss.
now, not all tow truck drivers are inconsiderant, jack4ss vultures of primate-level intelligence — but it’s about the only profession as consistently despised as lawyers. which doesn’t mean there aren’t noble folk in either profession — they’re just grossly outnumbered by the slime who seek financial gain by taking advantage of people in difficult situations, and who many times act cocky about the “power” they wield. tow truck drivers are kind of like country rat to the lawyers’ city rat.

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