final post. well, in a manner of speaking…

this is the final post from 9023 belle glen dr. i’m about to shut down the computer and move it to the new abode. there is almost nothing left in the house. i’ll be making one last trip over here tomorrow to pick up some final things and do a final walk-through to make sure i didn’t forget anything.
this morning when i got up i went by the post office and set up my forwarding, then i dropped by southern maid for some late morning breakfast. i continued getting stuff done around the house and loading the element until the movers showed up (about 1.5 hours late). it only took them about 2 hours from start to finish. i came back and have been doing all the odds and ends (kitchen and garage). i also called the water, phone, and electric companies and requested service be shut off.
9023, i can’t say i’m sad to see you go. i wish the buyers the best on turning a profit on you, but i have my doubts.

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