the power of positive thinking

this past friday i left work early and went downtown to get my motorcycle registration. i was in and out in about 10 to 15 minutes. that place is so much better than the office on chimney rock. after that, i headed down to 59 and 6 for a couple of hours of a 7-year old’s debauchery — that’s right, a birthday party at chuck e. cheese. (it was jackson’s birthday.) from there i headed to tropioca on milam near elgin for the geek gathering for the radio show. as that was winding down, i called brad. he and kelli were at the twelve spot downtown, so i met them there. jay lee saw my truck drive by near warren’s so he called me and joined us. jay left and a bit later brad and i headed to the poison girl. there were some girls playing dominoes, which was cool, but they were just playing fives. jamie showed up around closing time, then she and i headed to the house of pies on kirby. i got home around 5am and hit the bed.
saturday my brother came into town. we headed to the fox and hound on westheimer to watch the t.u./ou game. there was a loudmouth ou guy there, but he lost interest by halftime and left — perhaps he’d drunk too much, because ou looked okay the first half. i must admit it would have been nice to watch him squirm more and more through the second half. the plan after the game was to watch a movie or go to some music stores, but we went back home and he got online and my lack of sleep rapidly caught up with me. we ended up not doing much of anything.
sunday morning i was going to get up and make my first visit to kaleo (which i’ve been planning on going to for a month now), but my brother called so i joined him and heather for breakfast at the house of pies on westheimer. they then took off for ikea, and i headed for…i didn’t know. i ended up going to soundwaves, where i purchased the new album classics by ratatat (on xl recordings). it’s instrumental with guitars and drum machines…kind of an electronic alt/emo meets rock. lots of hooks, and pretty catchy.
some evil force must have infiltrated my mind at this point, because i decided i would drop by cityfest to see brad and kelli. fortunately, G-d made parking around the event difficult and/or costly so i decided to just head home instead. sunday evening i went to houston first baptist with the potts clan.
at some point on friday or saturday i decided i probably should stop riding my motorcycle. i knew the rear tire had been pretty slick for awhile, but on friday i noticed i could see in the center where the slick tread was starting to separate. not a good sign for tire life, which is a bit more important when you’ve only got two of them. so hopefully here soon i’ll be taking my motorcycle into the shop for its 24k maintenance and a new rear tire (and perhaps front tire too).
monday i think about the only thing i did after work was watch my true stories dvd. it’s really a pretty cool movie, and considering it’s from david byrne and the talking heads and stars john goodman, it’s kind of surprising the only dvd version of the movie you can get is a fullscreen version with absolutely no extras at all. it was filmed in Texas and has a number of large outdoor shots (in areas up around where bottle rocket was filmed), so you know the widescreen version would have a different look and feel.
tuesday i left work early to go with a realtor to look at a few lofts around downtown. i saw some decently cool places, but getting the amenities and the prices to line up with what i’d like to be paying — along with not knowing whether i would have a roommate or not — made things uncertain. we finished up around 5pm, so i decided instead of going through 5 o’clock 59-south traffic i’d just head to the petrol station in the heights. i had a nice conversation with ben and sasha (the owners, who were there with their three kids). brad and kelli showed up later, then we headed to the theater and caught the departed. it’s scorsese’s new film, based on a hong kong film titled infernal affairs. it’s a good story and has quite a few big names in it. i enjoyed watching it, although as with a lot of “extreme” hong kong films it has sort of a bittersweet ending.
regarding my living situation, i think i’ve decided i’m going to stay at raj and kiera’s house. i did find out their “destination: d.c.” date will apparently be december instead of october, so that’ll leave a 1+ month overlap between the time i have to be out of my house (assuming the sell to the current buyer goes through) and they leave for d.c. we’re now trying to work out all of the specifics regarding me moving stuff, storing stuff, moving, cats and dogs living together, etc. i keep fantasizing that i’m not going to do anything at all to pack, but that i’ll just pay the movers to do all the packing and moving. but i don’t think i can do that. so i’ll hopefully start trying to pack some stuff tonight.

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