night time come and heal me

i had to work friday night for my job, so they allowed me to come in late. i slept in, then headed to empire for lunch. i managed to strike up a conversation with a cool-looking alternative girl. who was of course into debauchery and hedonism. score one for the away team.
i had a late evening/night at work. afterward, i met up with jack at the house of pies. we brainstormed ideas for a magazine ad for which the deadline was rapidly approaching. we eventually came up with something that was pretty clever in my opinion, but was evidently judged too edgy by others. and it was a bit edgy, i’ll grant. but i thought it was the kind of edgy advertising that gets you noticed, and not in an utterly controversial and offense way. (at least not by most people these days.) of course, it was also around 4am when we hit upon this, and i was tired, had just worked a number of hours, and was hopped up on sugar and caffeine.
saturday i went over to raj and kiera’s house and helped them move an air hockey table over to raj’s parents’ house. before we did that we dropped by goode company for some bbq.
saturday evening i watched green street hooligans. it’s the first ripped movie i’ve ever watched. no, actually, i was over at someone’s house a year or something ago and i saw part of a blackmarket copy of the incredibles. that was funny because the color and sound weren’t very good, then during a scene a shadow stood up and walked across the screen. then a couple of minutes later, the shadow came back and sat down. someone gave me this most recent one to watch. this time it must have been an actual digital rip, because i couldn’t tell any degredation in audio or visual quality. it was a decent movie. assuming it was accurate, i did learn a bit more about the culture around british soccer and a some new cockney slang. i did find it to portray most harvard types pretty accurately. ; )
i’m not a proponent of ripping movies or music. as i just said, i’ve hardly watched anything ripped. i’ve never ripped any movies myself. all the stuff i own is legit. plus, having access to any kind of decently priced renting system pretty much renders ripping dvds unnecessary in my opinion, because i’ll rent most stuff and buy a real copy if i like a movie enough to want to own it. i also have never used any p2p software to download anything. my moral code with music is more along the lines that i think it’s okay to copy it, but if you listen to it and like it then you should go and buy it. i don’t think ripping all music instead of ever buying anything is cool. that said, i don’t hardly ever copy anything, but sometimes other people give me stuff to listen to. i have very little music of which i don’t own a legitimate copy. but, for example, someone gave me mp3s of grandaddy’s sumday album and i now own three legit cds of theirs (including that album). that seems like a pretty good deal for the record labels.
sunday i was considering either going to kaleo or going to a pumpkin festival or something with the potts. the heavy rains nixed the pumpkin festival, and my saturday afternoon interaction with a shaver/trimmer kept me from kaleo. (you see, i’m not sure i’m comfortable with the current look i’m attempting — and you only have one chance to make a first impression.) i instead went and ate lunch with the potts clan. later i went to church with them. i’m really starting to think i should stop going to that church. maybe to churches in general. i don’t really want to give up on finding a place of fellowship with other believers, but i’m not sure in my current state it doesn’t do me more harm than good. or at least doesn’t do me much good. perhaps i can find a place i feel like i fit with better and deal with better. but then again i wouldn’t be surprised if a large part of the issue currently is me.
sunday after church brad and kelli called to tell me they were heading to a show by a band called the sad accordians. one of the guys in it went to ecclesia and was in the church band, but he has since moved to austin. and the show was at the taft coffeehouse. i was reluctant about heading into a place that is run by some people who caused a great deal of spiritual and emotional stress for tamara and myself, but in the end i decided to go ahead and do it. the band had evidently changed their sound a fair bit since brad saw them around a year ago, so they weren’t what i was expecting. they were good live, but their current sound isn’t as much the kind of stuff i’m into. i also ran into eric hartley while i was there, so i talked to him some.

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  1. I’ve found that most cool-looking alternative girls are into debauchery and hedonism. I’ve met a few who weren’t, but they were poseurs, anyhow.
    Green Street Hooligans is somewhat entertaining, but I think it’s a bit over the top and somewhat cliche. No one gets murdered in England! :-p West Ham fans are dumb thugs, though.

  2. i’ve found that to be true as well. unfortunately, that’s not what i’m looking for. i guess i need to find a good poseur. 🙂
    i could see the movie being a bit over the top. but i figure there’s probably some level of truth to it. i mean, i’m guessing there probably are thugs that become superfans of the teams and fight other thug superfans of other teams. the skinhead movement started as a social/class group in england after all. 😉
    and what was the deal with the credit card in the mouth? they didn’t get to do whatever it was with it they were going to do.

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