monster house

well, closing on my house was supposed to be monday (oct 16th). but that didn’t happen. early last week my realtor had told me the funding was approved/secured/something already and they weren’t getting a home inspection done. i figured it was in the bag. then on thursday she called me at work and asked when i got home because an inspector for the bank needed to come by. i showed up and someone had been in my house, but the inspector never showed. so i called the realtor to see if the inspector had already been by, but he hadn’t. the next day she called to let me know it was the bank appraiser that had been in my house. so suddenly we went from it seeming pretty much all wrapped up to any number of people needing to look at the house and decide if the sale can go through.
monday morning on my way into work the inspector called me. he asked when i could let him into the house because he’d talked to multiple people and no one could let him in. i said around 7:30pm and he asked about doing it at 8am or something the next day. me not being one to have leisure time in the morning, i suggested after work and he said okay. i also realized at this point we probably weren’t going to close on schedule. i called my realtor and asked about someone letting him in, and she seemed to be annoyed at him and sort of took an attitude. i was just thinking “geez, y’all all do this professionally, i think. how is it that no one can take care of this during the working hours when y’all are supposed to be working?” i got home around 7:30pm but i missed a call from him and he said he didn’t realize it got dark so fast so could we do it at 7:30am or 8am the next morning. he didn’t know when it got dark? *sigh*
anyway, i waited until this (tuesday) morning to call him back and suggested 9am and that i would just be late for work. i called him back about 15 minutes later and he answered and said 9am would be good. he showed up and started to look around a bit and we started talking. i gave him a copy of the seller’s disclosure. he really only did a cursory glance around the place, but we ended up talking for a long time about divorce and trying to deal with it and trying to move on. he was obviously a christian, and seemed like a pretty decent guy. he’d gone through some difficult times in dealing with the end of his first marriage, and i really felt like he could understand a lot of the feelings and emotions i’ve had to struggle with and deal with from what happened to me. it was actually pretty cool to talk to him about it, and if you believe in G-d sort of tweaking things to make certain people meet up and have a conversation one or both need to have then i would suggest this might be one of those times.
with the inspection taken care of, all things related to the bank making a decision should be done. i think. i still don’t know when closing might take place, assuming the bank okays the sale. i’m guessing it’ll probably be next week, but i suppose it could be in the next few days. after closing, i’ll have seven days to pack up and get out.

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  1. I definitely believe God puts people in other people’s lives for a reason. I don’t think there are coincidences anymore, they are moments from God. I’m happy for your “moment” with that man.

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