expanding identity

(this is the follow-up to the comment about my mom meeting the lady here in houston at a starbucks…)
my mom was adopted. her parents never hid the fact that she was adopted. from the way it was told, they made it into a positive instead of a negative — other parents were stuck with whatever kid they had, my mom was picked. she had always been told her adoption records had burned up in a fire at the hospital or the adoption agency or whatever. evidently that part of the story probably wasn’t quite true.
in the last few years the story expanded to include that a girl had come from out of state (i recall georgia being the state given), had her, then immediately given her up for adoption. turns out that wasn’t quite correct either.
my mom requested her adoption records be opened a few months ago (or maybe it’s been over a year by now). i think you have to wait like 25 years from the adoption date or something, then the judge in the county where the records are has to approve it. so she got those, and there was almost no info. there were two documents she got that had a signature. after she got them she started looking around some, but nothing came of it.
then a couple of weeks ago she picked up the search again. this time she hit pay-dirt. and on the first contact she attempted. turns out her biological mother lived a couple of counties over in Texas. and my mom’s grandfather was german. not sure about the grandmother. i’m not sure if anything is known about my mom’s dad either. but i guess now i know i’m over half german.
it also turns out i’ve got like five half-aunts and half-uncles. or whatever the term is for aunts and uncles from different fathers. that’s kind of weird, considering my mom and dad were both only children, and thus our immediate family tree was very small.
i don’t know that this will change much of anything for me as far as things go, but it is an interesting bit of information to learn about my biological ancestry.
oh yeah…the lady my mom was meeting at the starbucks. she was a women here in houston who saw a post my mom made on a website asking for information. she evidently helps people try to locate their birth parents in her spare time, and had chosen to try and help my mother. my mom wanted to meet her and show her the pics she’d taken with her two sisters (or half-sisters, or whatever), and thank her for helping.

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