the advantage

i forgot to mention in my review of labor day weekend in brady that i rolled 60k miles on the truck. that means i put about 3k miles on it in the month i’ve owned it. i don’t think that pattern will continue. although i do like driving it. in other truck news, i got the title for it in the mail: it was made out to “tetrerry” or something not quite right. *sigh*
wednesday after the radio show i headed over to walter’s on washington to check out a band on rc5 called the advantage. they’re a traditional rock band — two guitars, bass, and drums — but all they do is covers of nintendo video game music. it was pretty cool. i never had a nintendo though, and i never played the one my brother got after i went off to college much, so i didn’t recognize…well, any of the songs. but it was almost as enjoyable to watch the eyes light up of groups around me as they looked at each other and smiled and obviously knew the tunes. the sound was sort of like a mixture of straight ahead 4/4 hard rock and jazz music (since a lot of the video game tunes used harmony a lot, which was emulated by the two guitars).
there is definitely a “for sale” sign in my front yard. yep. that’s what i call excitement.

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