apple is a no-good tease!

d4mn. another apple battery recall and no battery replacement love for me. this is the second time they’ve had a recall on my laptop model, and the second time i’ve been dissed by their wanton glances and throaty promises of a virgin battery. so now, my experience in the form of a short performance piece:
(old-school beatbox rap music playing in background)
coworker: and what’s up with your batteries, steve-o, man?
me: yeah, i hear apple’s been giving that stuff out to all them 12″ ibook guys.
steve jobs: yo, shut the fsck up, phliKtid, man!
coworker: i’d paint three of those murals for some of that 4ss.
(sound of needle scratching across record)
me and jobs: (looking at coworker) huh?
*bows* thank you.

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