perchance to dream

geh. i hate it when your brain for unknown reasons decides to torment you while you’re in a helpless state of sleep.
i had a dream last night that i flew to the northeast to go to tamara’s…high school reunion, or something. (which i guess it would be about time for, but i doubt she’d go to it.) anyway, in my dream i thought my parents were going up there too and staying with tamara’s parents (oddly enough), and they evidently thought i was going to austin or somewhere. so i got up there and then i was sort of trapped without a vehicle or anything. i was at whatever event this was — some kind of pretty big dance/social sort of thing — and suddenly i decided this wasn’t such a good idea and i shouldn’t be there. so i was kind of moving around, but trying to stay out of major areas where lots of people were. of course, about the time i realized i didn’t want to be there is when i ran into tamara and a female friend of hers (who was in our wedding) in a hall. she flipped out and was yelling at me about how she was going to call the police and how could i come up there, and her friend was in my face yelling at me too. i didn’t really think i was doing anything wrong, but the whole time i didn’t really know why i had gone there either. so i walked on as they were yelling at me and mocking me from behind. then i woke up. i was glad that dream was over.
then i went back to sleep and the dream picked up at another point. oh boy. evidently that was on a saturday and now it was sunday. i’d agreed to go to church with some people i’d met up there through tamara. the place was huge and there were tons of people — evidently the church was growing rapidly. i lost the couple of people i knew, but had befriended some questionable characters outside (most of whom probably weren’t going into the service). one of them walked with me as i went to try and find a place to sit. but of course we had to get bounced around the whole outside to get to where they were seating people. as i was walking through a walkway that had box seating on one side a couple of steps higher, there was tamara sitting up there. i kept walking and didn’t really make eye contact, but she made some snide remark as i passed. fortunately i didn’t see her the rest of the dream, but i was nervous and on edge the whole time.
what an exciting set of scenarios for my brain to throw at me. still, it’s better than when i was having dreams we were still married and she was cheating on me, or dreams set in the timeframe where we were going through the divorce stuff. maybe my brain is finally wrapping up all the severed ends.
friday i did some stuff for work in the early evening, then i headed to the diedrich’s on montrose and met up with brad. we then headed over to the continental club to check out dale watson. dale was good, as usual. there was a cool-looking girl at the bar, but of course i didn’t try to talk to her anything. over time i realized she was there with two married couples, and one of the drunk husbands kept putting his arm around her and putting his hand on her butt, then she’d walk away for awhile. his wife seemed none too excited about it when she could focus long enough to know what was going on, but she seemed to forget pretty easily. the other husband then seemed to covertly suggest he should chill, and then they all left together. exciting stuff. i also ended up dancing a few times, which i don’t normally do. i really pretty much suck at it. (maybe the not normally doing it has something to do with that.) but the girl was gracious and nice, so it was cool.
saturday evening i went to the armadillo palace with brad to see gary p. nunn. i don’t like gary as much as dale, but he’s pretty good. we sat outside for most of the show, where we each had some venison chili and a slice of their pecan pie. i hadn’t had their chili before — it’s really good. and their pecan pie…i’ve had it before, and it was excellent as always. they pipe the music outside, so we could hear the show out there, but we eventually went in. i was pretty excited when i originally heard about the armadillo palace, but it’s really pretty much just another houston yuppie hangout as far as the clientele. we took off a little before the show ended to go hang out at la carafe downtown.
i joked with brad that this was going to be a weekend crash-course in Texas country music for him. this evening the wild river band is playing at the mucky duck. but he already saw them at blanco’s a few months back, so i’m not sure he’ll go to the show tonight. i’m not sure if i’ll go either.

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  1. Speaking of the Continental Club, you should check out this guy I went to high school with. You might like his music. His name is Beaver Nelson. They used to play him on KPFT, at least when I lived there. He lives and often plays in Austin, but sometimes in Houston. He knows the Continental Club guys pretty well and played there a lot when they first opened the Houston location.

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