home for sale

home for sale that’s much too large
too many rooms, big old empty yard
far more space than the owner needs
price includes all the memories
home for sale, restored like new
just a place two lives outgrew
a change in heart forces move away
would like to keep but just can’t stay
listen close and you might hear the sound
of what you think is rainfall leaking down
the roof is fine, set aside your fears
it’s just a few remaining tears
home for sale, not all that old
a family’s dream stands dark and cold
scenic views that go for free
of all the love that used to be
home for sale that’s much too large
— dwight yoakam — “home for sale”
i took off this morning from work and did some cleaning at the house, then went and cut a new key for the front gate (because i couldn’t find the other one i should have somewhere in the house). the realtor came by this afternoon and put the keys in a lockbox, so there should be a “for sale” sign in the front yard at this point.
i love it when i have to do things that remind me of my marriage and what tamara eventually chose to drag me through and take from me. what a class act she turned out to be in the end. which is just sad, because she has the ability to be so much better than that. the eventual move should be overwhelmingly joyful. but i guess after that it’ll pretty much all be over except the crying. well, assuming her attorney’s office ever gets off their butt and takes care of the qdro. maybe i should contact the courts and get it myself and submit it. i wonder if i can do that…

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