entertainment at all cost

before i went to bed early due to the trauma experienced by the self-induced smoothie explosion, i took possession of an order from amazon friday night when i got home. the contents were:

  • * body piercing saved my life: inside the phenomenon of christian rock by andrew beaujon (de capo press)
  • * winning 42 – strategy and lore of the national game of Texas by dennis roberson (Texas tech university press)
  • * true stories directed by david byrne, music by the talking heads (warner brothers)

i think i caught wind of the christian rock book via one of the occasional jaunts i make over to the usenet group rec.music.christian to see what if anything is going on. there was a link to a review of the book, and i thought it sounded like interesting reading material. as with the book on mars hill, i’m not sure how i’ll feel about the perspective — but this one seems like it’ll have less of an agenda or predisposition toward dislike or distrust. in either case, i think it’ll make for interesting reading.
i’d noticed the 42 book awhile back when i was searching for dominoes online. since i’ve not played very much 42 in my life and don’t know hardly anyone around me that plays, i figured this might be a good way for me to get some more knowledge about it.
true stories is one of the dvds the pot-smoking kids stole when they broke into my house a number of months ago. i keep hoping at some point someone will put out a better release of this film — like a widescreen version instead of rape-n-scrape, along with a bunch of extras and such — but so far no luck.
saturday morning around 11am i was awakened by the sound of my front door being opened. apparently i had my phone on vibrate, so i hadn’t heard the calls from the listing people calling to tell me about appointments they’d lined up. once i got up and left the house so they could come and look at it without me being here, i checked my voicemail and heard someone had made an appointment for 9:30am to 10:30am. egads, i’m glad they didn’t make it! i managed to get a really good amount of sleep friday night. (probably due to exhaustion from the smoothie incident.)
to kill time, i headed over to border’s. while there i picked up:

  • * brazil (the final cut) – terry gilliam (criterion)
  • * star wars (episode iv: a new hope) – george lucas (20th century fox)

i’ve been planning on getting brazil for a long time, i just never got around to it. it’s a great film. this edition of star wars is the “limited edition” widescreen version that contains the digitally remastered version and the original theatrical version. so at least i’ve finally got the original version on dvd. although i don’t think this version is actually the true original version. i still remember a couple of scenes from when i saw it back in the theater in the day (in san antonio, while we were visiting my grandmother who was in the hospital there with cancer) that weren’t in any of the “original theatrical” versions since. lucas and his 500 different versions (original, limited, etc) of everything is kind of annoying too. it almost makes me glad i liked each movie less and less, so i don’t have to think about buying the last three.
today there were more showings of the house, so i ended up going to border’s again today and picked up:

  • * personal file – johnny cash (columbia/legacy)
  • * blues masters: the very best of lightnin’ hopkins – lightnin’ hopkins (rhino)

i’ve been planning on buying the cash set since it came out, i just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. and i really like lightnin’ hopkins a lot, but i’ve only got the aladdin cd set of his. lightnin’ was a legendary Texas country blues artist who spent most of his years in houston, and when my mind creates the platonic form of a blues singer, he’s the one i hear.
due to another showing, i also went by boot town and picked up a couple of pearl snap shirts.
i hope the weekend and evening showings stop soon, or i’m going end up in debt. although i’ll have a nice dvd and cd collection.

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