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i watched little miss sunshine thursday night. that is one awesome movie. it reminds me of a lot of things i like about various films — the characters are quirky, it deals with complex issues but not in a syrupy or fake way, it runs the whole range of emotions and situations and isn’t just a comedy or drama or whatever…it’s just good. the whole talent scene at little miss sunshine had me laughing so hard i was crying. i’m talking for minutes. i need other people to see it so i can talk about the movie with them!
one thing i find humorous is that a lot of people will probably think the little miss sunshine stuff is overplayed and exaggerated. having gone to that miss teen pageant in san antonio a year or two ago, i can tell you it’s not. the people running it are like that, the m.c. is like that, the music is like that, the contestants are like that, and the people in the audience are like that. scary, but true.
thursday night i was contacted on myspace by a former girlfriend. no, not the one that contacted me on there a couple of months ago — a different one. i’ve only got one or two more ex’s to go. (my dating history is neither long nor illustrious…shocking, i know.) the last one contacted me again after ~12 years, this current one after 9+ years. i’m pretty sure one of them will never have a myspace account. and i wouldn’t be surprised if the last of my ex’s never contacts me. (and unless she’s looking to seek forgiveness and reconcile then i don’t think i’m too interested anyway.) of course, i kind of figured i’d never hear from any of them again, and look where i am now.
friday after work i went to the west alabama ice house with a coworker and met chris and mary there. i keep saying this, but that place is pretty cool. i also have given in and started buying tamales from the tamale guy that wanders around selling them, a dozen for $6. those things rock!
not too long after waking up saturday, i got a call from the realtor i’d talked to about selling the house. she said she’d finally gotten the paperwork back from tamara. she’d signed all of it except the sellers’ disclosure, which she hadn’t signed and evidently had written a note saying she couldn’t sign it because she hadn’t been in the house in so long and didn’t know the condition of it. 😐
[side-note: they threatened to sue me after i’d not let them know what was going on for 3 weeks — my responsibility was to fill out the sellers’ disclosure (pretty much all work in this whole situation has fallen on me), which i had already finished and had talked to the realtor and was going to mail to them, so i immediately faxed it to them. well, they apparently took 8+ weeks to sign a few papers — no filling out, no research, no nothing…just a few signatures and initials — and i never heard a peep from them during that whole time. nothing. creating double standards appears to be their most notable quality. but that’s another post i’ve yet to write. oh, and will i write it…]
it’s funny how selective tamara’s moral switch is about being on or off after starting the affair and choosing to divorce me. signing a settlement document about money in front of witnesses, but she has no intentions of following through with? no problem! taking half of 1.5 years of my retirement money, equity in the house, car, savings, etc. when she’d contributed nothing, was in california with alistair continuing the affair, and claiming she’d earned and had not one penny during that time? no problem! lying to me and mutual friends over and over about her intentions and actions? no problem! shirking her responsibility for all of her property she left behind in the house? no problem! apparently not letting her attorney know about the condition of the house before we split? no problem! but signing a document about the condition of the house (pretty much all of which she would have known about because it was all in that condition before she was gone)? oh no, now that just wouldn’t be appropriate! what a riot. (actually, i wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t on advice of her attorney or friends who told her not to do that out of some attempt to have a legal out over something or another, or perhaps for the later opportunity to make claims against me somehow. they’re nothing if not an industrious lot.)
when i got the mail saturday i learned NONE of my three license plate selections were available. or at least that’s what they’re claiming. since i didn’t get any of them, i’ll go ahead and print what they were: [1] hoo doo, [2] *hank* (where a “*” represents a state of Texas icon), and [3] h4x0r. *sigh* now i have to try and think up more. maybe i’ll just go to some flea markets and try to find 1965 plates.
saturday afternoon i went looking for a texans hat. but of course i couldn’t find what i wanted. why was i looking in the first place? because i really like football. even though i’m terrible about remembering to watch the games. and i really don’t keep up with the season. and i’m not really one of those people who keeps stats or can talk about all the players and have an opinion on everything. i just like the game of football, and i can pretty much sit down and watch two teams i don’t know much of anything about and still enjoy the game of football itself. anyway, back to the hat search. i looked for one last year but never found one that i really wanted. (based on their record last year, maybe it’s not so bad i didn’t have one. 😉 i hate all that stuff with complex accents and strips of different colors and raised emblems and all that whiz-bang crap. i just want a flat embroidered logo on a dark cap, thank you. what i’d really like is a black cap with a greyscale version of the logo. i found a few variations on this theme, but the color selections of the logo just never seemed right. or it was on a hat made out of some weird oily spandex material or something. bleh.
what i ended up doing was finding a cap that doesn’t relate to football at all that i bought for my brother because i think he’ll like it. and if he doesn’t, i’ll keep it for myself.
yesterday evening i went over to the potts’ and watched melvin goes to dinner. it’s actually a movie i saw a couple of years ago. in fact, i actually had a quote from it on my answering machine for awhile. it’s a movie about these four people who have dinner, and they discuss all kinds of things including spiritual stuff, sex, affairs, etc. it’s actually a pretty cool dialogue-driven movie, but i can’t say i agree with the views of any of the characters. anyway, when i watched it last time it wasn’t too long after tamara had told me about the affair she was having and i was having a really difficult time processing it. life was totally fscked up, truth be told. so it was interesting watching the same movie after this much time had passed.
anyway, the quote in question…this guy had been having an affair (well, he wasn’t married, but the woman he was involved with was), and he was talking about sometimes when he was with her, her husband would call and she’d shush him and act like she was doing whatever and talk like nothing was going on. so he said at that point he realized (paraphrasing) “you can never know for sure if at any moment you call your s.o., that they might not be alone, that they might be with someone else. even if you call them 100 times and talk with them, there is no way of knowing, and that thought — knowing that — really fscked me up.” one of the women at the table’s response was “well, that’s life. people change.” yeah, i had that on my answering machine. good times. good times.

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