technically, it’s already truck day

i left work a bit early today and went by frost bank and got a cashier’s check for the truck. so the two major things i needed to take care of (temp tag and cashier’s check) are accomplished. another thing i thought i might resolve is what i’m going to do about having something to listen to during the drive (remember, it has no radio). unfortunatley, no solution stuck out in my mind as a good one, and in the end i decided it’d be easier to purchase something on the way back than buy it and take it on the plane. my plan of course is to get the truck to subsist on a steady diet of johnny cash, bob wills, zz top, milton brown, drive-by truckers, wayne hancock, hank williams, mulehead, dale watson, etc. until it is brainwashed into being a Texas truck. then i’ll give it the gunrack and the “they can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers” and “bob wills is still the King” bumper stickers.
after running my errands i headed over to tropioca, where the geek gathering for the radio show was happening. while there, jeff schulz (the guy i’m buying the truck from) called and we discussed plans some. the plan right now is for him to pick me up at la guardia. after the gathering i drove around a bit and ended up going by the tobacco shop where i picked up some cigars and another punch. then i headed to river oaks to catch the midnight showing of plan 9 from outer space. i was joined by lemaster, kd5, barrett, and amanda. i’d only seen bits and pieces of it before. boy, it’s a bad movie. but it’s so bad that it’s good. which is i guess why so many people call it the worst movie ever made.
i’m now home, and in less than 12 hours i should be in new york city. now all i need to do is pack. but i think i’ll do that in the morning when i get up. i’ve decided this trip is going to pretty much be planned as it happens. all i know right now is i’m getting to new york, picking up the truck, and i’m hoping to make it to shippensburg, pa, before i stop. after that, who knows. i’ll figure it out later.

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