old trucks are like a relationship…

on friday my truck starting sputtering when i accelerated. it’d never done that before. i thought maybe it was bad gas, so i ran the tank down to empty and then filled up at a new station. it got better the more i drove it, but it was still doing it some so i decided to try changing the fuel filter. the filter in it was not the stock filter, but an easy to replace in-line one, so i popped it out and took it to autozone and advanced auto parts. neither had the model that had been in it (g2). oh well, i just picked one that looked to have the same size nozzle connections (g478) and bought it and put it in. the truck appears to be running better, but i’m not sure if it was the gas, the fuel filter, or something else. time will tell, perhaps. (and also tell if i chose poorly.)
in my last post i didn’t explain that as far as the stuff with the house goes, it’s not that i’m particularly upset about them taking some time to take care of things. i’ve taken some time, so that’s cool. one problem i have with that though is any time taken costs *me* money, not them. i.e., i have to fix things, i have to pay the rent, etc. sure, they don’t get cash in hand as soon, but the house is building equity every month that goes by. so there’s that. the big problem i have though is that whenever the ball is in my court they get pushy and aggressive, then when it’s their turn to take care of some business they seem to not care at all about updating me or getting it taken care of promptly. so it’d be nice if they wanted play the promptness angle that they’d be prompt themselves.
let’s take the qdro as an example. (i forget what the acronym stands for, but it’s the document that legally allows them to pull assets out of my retirement fund). it was around 7 months from the time we settled to the time they created the 3-page, standard qdro document. after i had it 30 days, they sued me. i was actually in the process of taking care of it when i found out they had sued me (which is neither here nor there), so i took care of it and got in touch with them and sent it to them. i called them to verify everything was cool and i’d done my part. 2.5 months go by and the money still isn’t pulled out. i’m wondering why, so when the house issue comes back up i ask them about it. they say they’re having a hard time getting in touch with my retirement company but they’ll call me soon and let me know an update. that was 2 months ago and i’ve not heard from them. a few days after the conversation i got a letter where they submitted the qdro to the courts. at the same time, i was talking to my retirement people and that’s when i learned they need a court approved document. so the attorney’s office took 2.5 months to submit the exact document i sent them, as is, to the court. i was told the document should take about 2 to 3 weeks to get through the court. it’s been 8 weeks and the money’s still in there and i’ve not gotten any update. are they sitting on it? i don’t know.
so let’s tally the amount of time each of us has been in the position of responsibility: me: ~1.5 month, them: ~10 months. yet who’s the one who got sued for not moving fast enough? you’d think with that kind of obvious double standard they’d feel guilty for trying to push me around, but evidently it doesn’t phase them.
of course, another thing to note that the way the wording the qdro, they get everything minus a set amount that’s still mine. what that means is that any interest my money makes, they get it. so as long as the fund is doing well, they’re making extra money off of my money the longer they take.
now, on to better things…
after doing some work this evening, i headed over to the flying saucer to meet brad, kelli, and jason, who were having a party or get-together or whatever for their roommate who is getting married. i showed up late, and jason was leaving. other people had left, so it was just brad and kelli, me, and two other couples. i’d stopped by the cigar shop and picked up some cigars — a couple of cojimar vanilla sugar-tips, a havana honey, a cao something-or-other, and a pack of pina colada phillies (since i didn’t know how many people would be there). it ended up working out well, and the cigars were a hit. i didn’t really know the other couples (i’d met the ones getting married a couple of times), but they all seemed like cool people. i hope their marriage turns out better than mine did.
i hate to sound desperate (or perhaps i should say more desperate), but it’d be really nice to go on a date one of these days. but i don’t want to go on a date for the sake of going on a date. oh well. it’s not like i didn’t spend years being dateless. it’s just different after you’ve been married, if you miss that level of companionship and familiarity with someone. which i guess it goes without saying that i do. oops, i said it anyway. here’s hoping it’s worth the wait. which assumes that the wait ends, of course. : )

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