of dreamers, and those who mock them

well, let’s see…in the last week:

  • * i successfully got my truck registered and titled (on friday).
  • * i mailed off my request for personalized “classic truck” plates. we’ll see which of my three choices i end up getting. i’m also going to look for 1965 plates. in Texas if you have a classic vehicle you can put old plates from the year model of your car. so if i can find some 1965 plates, i can use them on my car instead of modern plates.
  • * i did not successfully manage to get the title to the pea green albatross…er…vw bus…changed to just my name. i had what i thought was a certified copy of my divorce decree, but it in fact turned out to be a copy of the certified copy of my divorce decree. (i’ve yet to determine if what i got should have been a certified copy and my lawyer didn’t give me what he was supposed to…that’d be a real shocker, though, considering the level of competency he and his office showed throughout my divorce : | .) i have a power of attorney and could use it instead, except i don’t know where the stupid title is. so i either need to apply for a lost title or go get a certified copy of my divorce decree, just so i can get the title in my name so i can then try to get rid of the object i had to pay tamara half of the supposed value of since i was keeping it, even though i told everyone i never wanted it, she had wanted it, and i shouldn’t be responsible for it. did anyone care? no. so i had to pay her more than i’ll be able to sell it for, even though she should have been paying me and taking it her damn self. what she’d have done with it i don’t know, but that shouldn’t be my concern, and neither should dealing with the vehicle.
  • * i didn’t end up watching the midnight showings of pulp fiction on friday or saturday night.
  • * friday after work i met up with jack and the kids, as well as chris and mary, and spent a few hours at the west alabama ice house.
  • * saturday night i spent an awkward hour or two over at jack and sue’s. later that night i went to the poison girl and hung out with brad and kelli. if only there were some way for me to befriend some of these seemingly cool people. but alas, i’m a social introvert and am doomed to a life of minimal interaction with those i don’t already know unless i’m forced to interact. it seems like i’d have better-developed social skills and a more positive self-image, or that i should. but it’s not the case. i’m a loner, partially by choice and partially by personality.
  • * my brother came down on saturday and we watched the illusionist. i knew from seeing the preview that i liked the actors in it, but i wasn’t sure about the movie itself. it turned out to be really good. i thought it felt and played out a lot like a shyamalan film, which isn’t a bad thing (unless you dislike m. night’s work, of course). it was also cool to hang out with my brother for a few hours, but it wasn’t very long. we did manage to squeeze in lunch at sylvia’s enchilada. i’m not the only one in my family who digs the place.
  • * on saturday i went by border’s and used a 25% off coupon to purchase robot chicken: season one (a spur-of-the-moment decision). i watched the first few episodes during the awkward time over at jack and sue’s.
  • * sunday i ate a late lunch at goode company bbq, then went to church. i even went to the mid 20’s and 30’s class. i do that every few weeks, i guess hoping that i will end up seeing or meeting some people there that intrigue me. so far what i’ve found is the typical kind of people i expect to be at church. not trying to knock them as people, but i just don’t feel much of a connection. of course, it also makes me wonder if it’s appropriate for me to even being going at all, if i’m not going in order to “dive into the Word” and blah blah blah. my beliefs and faith in G-d just seem to rarely be stretched, comforted, or anything else by church and the culture found there. is it a problem with me or churches? i don’t know.
  • * after church i ate supper at barnaby’s with raj and kiera. we’re discussing my possible housing future, but there are so many variables on all sides that it’s all very fuzzy.

okay, that’s enough of the list format.
most recently i’m considering trying to start a band. i was a drummer for years, so hopefully i still have rhythm, but i never learned to play a kit. so i’d like to just play snare, or a very stripped down set consisting of only two or three, maybe four, pieces (which probably wouldn’t include a bass drum or high-hat). add to that a bass player (preferrably stand-up bass) and one or two guitarists, with one or two doing vocals (not me!). the type of music? old and dark country, done in a more modern dark and/or aggressive way. think something along the lines of sixteen horsepower, the devil makes three, and the weary boys mixed together. i’d like to do some cash songs (of course), a couple of bob wills and milton brown selections, some murder ballads (like the knoxville girl, for example), maybe a 16hp cover or two, a couple of classic but ominous church hymns, and a few surprising covers…punk or metal or industrial or something.
it’ll probably never happen — just like most everything else i daydream about doing — but we’ll see.

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