the netflix clog is gone

well, i’ll be dropping the third formerly semi-permanent netflix movie into the mailbox. i watched the tale of two sisters again tonight. it’d been long enough that i’d forgotten a lot of the details. it’s a really impressive film, and i stand behind my comments from back in early march. i watched some extra features on the thumbsucker dvd last night before i sealed it up, and i think after watching the author and director discuss things i was probably pretty accurate in my feelings about the film the first time i saw it. i didn’t find it as depressing or whatever this time around though. after watching the discussions, it does makes me curious about the book itself.
i originally thought i was going to catch a new movie tonight, or maybe go and see sixteen candles at midnight at river oaks. but i’m not. i’m calling it a night in hopes that i’ll be well rested and feel good for tomorrow’s festivities. i’m feeling better today than i did yesterday, so that’s a good direction to be headed.

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