one day = one year

gee…one would almost be led to believe by the lack of my blog entries that i have started to have a real life. i assure you, good reader, that is far from the case. so quit worrying that you might not be able to read about my woes, you have nothing to fear at this point.
thursday (the 29th) i went to the doctor for a physical…not because i planned one, but because i’d gone a week before and he mentioned it’d been a year and asked if i wanted to go ahead and schedule another one. we’ll see how things turn out, but everything they could tell me while at the office was okay.
friday evening (the 30th) after work i met sue and calista at the west alabama ice house. i’d been there once before with brad and kelly, but this time there was a band playing and i stayed there a lot longer. it’s a cool place. i feel like the people there are more…”real” is the term that comes to mind…than many other places around town i go. like most people seem to be themselves and be unique in some way, rather than having a look-at-me-i’m- fashionable or hip or successful or whatever feel. i think i could see myself developing a fondness for the place. ash showed up later and we all hung out there for awhile, then sue and calista headed home. ash and i hung out some more, then we went over to the house of pies. it was good to see ash again before he takes off for taiwan. he’s been trying to get me to get my passport and plan a trip to visit him out there. we’ll see.
saturday i was woken up at 9am by my parents, then my grandmother. i ate a late lunch at the house of pies with sue and calista, sat around the potts house awhile, went home and took a nap for a few hours, then spent the rest of the night on ebay looking at old pickups. ah, the excitement. and so passed my birthday. i did pick up a frame, put the johnny cash at san quentin lp jack gave me months ago in it, and hung it above my cds. i also got a 3-disc set of roger miller songs in the mail from my brother (roger miller – king of the road: the genius of roger miller – mercury polygram).
sunday i ate supper with sue and calista at p.f. chang’s, then we headed to church. afterward i discussed living arrangements with raj and kiera. we’ll see what happens. later that night i realized i don’t think they have a garage, which means i’d have to improvise covered or enclosed parking for my motorcycle. and i might not want to buy an old pickup that’s in good shape since i’d hate to pay money for something old and nice and then leave it out in the sun and weather all the time.
monday evening i watched syriana on dvd. no, i didn’t return any of those three netflix films — i went and rented it from the kiosk at h.e.b. it was a somewhat complex plot that unravelled as you went along, but i thought overall it was an interesting and enjoyable film. i didn’t think it was anything incredible, but a solid job. after the movie i went to the continental club and saw the last 1.5 hours or so of the el orbits show. i was also made aware of the fact that dale watson is playing the continental later in july.
tuesday i celebrated this great land’s independence by going to very-swedish ikea with sue and calista. and that’s about it.

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  1. Sounds like you got in a lot of Sue and Calista time this week. Don’t Raj & Kie have a strange sized covered area in the back you could put a motorcycle under? It could also be dangerous for you to live that close to the house of pies too.

  2. yeah, and i only mentioned about half of the time i was hanging out with sue and calista. it’s funny because most places we go people seem to assume we’re married, and i know they’re thinking i’m a deadbeat dad because i let sue run around after calista and take care of her while i just sit there. or maybe i’m just paranoid. but probably correct.
    i haven’t asked them about covered areas, i just sort of thought of it and asked sue and neither one of us could remember a garage or covered drive or anything. i’m not even sure if i’ve ever seen the back of their house. that’d be nice if there is some kind of enclosed (or at least covered) area where i can put my bike.
    ha…yeah, i’d be pretty close to the house of pies. but i’d be a lot closer to pretty much everywhere i tend to go. but i’d be *really* close to the house of pies. i’m not sure if that’d be a blessing or a curse. 😉

  3. it is also really close to w-alabama ice house. it is one of those just great truly genuine places left. i have run into rich, poor, old, and young…all just themselves. glad you enjoy it!!
    and yes…we do have a garage. but you will probably need to park your bike outside under the carport. (i just don’t trust the concrete at the garage!)
    i am sure the rest of your “good readers” enjoy this strain of the conversation 🙂

  4. nice to know there is covered parking. i thought the garage was converted into living space? and i’m not sure in what way you don’t trust the concrete. perhaps at some point i can come by and see the garage and carport so i know whether i feel i could maintain both an old pickup and a motorcycle? because i sure would like to stop paying for a vehicle i don’t care about and get something i would really enjoy owning. and the old pickups, they want me to buy one of them…i can tell.

  5. If you should come out to the far east to see Ash, you could drop by since you would be in the neighborhood — at least in a relative sense of the term.

  6. I’ve seen it, and I don’t trust the concrete in the garage, especially for parking a motorcycle. You should always trust Raj when he speaks on the subject of concrete. He even had classes in college completely devoted to the subject.

  7. i’m not sure what i’d have to do to or how much it’d cost to go to korea from taiwan. or how i’d plan such a trip. i have zero experience travelling outside the u.s. (well, other than that few hour excursion into a mexican border town when i was in college.) i’m not wise in the ways of the world.
    i’m guessing the fear with the concrete is it might fall apart and the structure would collapse? so it’s best to not put things weighing over a couple hundred pounds on ye olde concrete? i don’t think i was aware of how many structures were on the property. can the carport adequately cover both a motorcycle and a car…like, say…oh…an old pickup? 🙂

  8. Not that I’m pushing you to come visit, but planning such a trip is what travel agents are for. Korea is not exactly a tourist draw anyway.

  9. well, if i manage to get a passport, and manage to make the decision to spend the vacation time and money, and actually plan the trip, then perhaps i can also consider making a stop by korea. it’s not like i’d probably be over in that neck of the woods much. or ever.

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