upgrade. nacho. lucky!

i upgraded my blog software yesterday. comments have been set for some time to where i have to approve them before they show up, but i have been getting a steady stream of splog for the last couple of months — a few times getting 50 to 100 in a day (or an hour or two). it’s nowhere near the pain some bloggers have gone through — most likely because my blog isn’t popular or well-linked — but it was enough that i finally decided i would upgrade to give the new version a shot at controlling the crap. so far, it’s doing pretty well.
yesterday afternoon i went to the alamo drafthouse and watched nacho libre. i’m iffy on jack black, and this was hess’ sophomore effort after the sweet napoleon dynamite, so i was mixed between having high hopes and not expecting much. fortunately, jack black was fairly reigned in throughout the film — which i prefer (e.g., school of rock) — and much of hess’ quirkiness was still evident. so overall i thought it was a solid sophomore effort for hess and a good turn by jack black.
i spent saturday night riding around with brad and kelly. the evening started poorly, as i came in on the downtown feeder and hit elgin/westheimer, only to find it closed a few blocks from montrose due to the gay pride parade. and i was on the wrong side of the street (so to speak) because i was heading to diedrich’s. i was forced to turn north, but i figured i could go past it and around. what i didn’t know was that they had it blocked off all the way to shepard. *sigh* going through crowded side streets with cars and pedestrians took awhile. when brad and kelly showed up we hung out at diedrich’s, then we drove around awhile, stopped at la carafe for an hour or two, then rode around some more. it was nice being back on the bike, and my lighting mods all seemed to function nominally.

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  1. I used to always deliver pizza during the parade for the Montrose store. It would usually be a $100-$150 tip night because no one else could get them pizza but me since I had the scooter. There’s nothing like trying to dodge drunken revelers with pizzas straped to your bike. Good Times.

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