two years of love

my motorcycle turned two years old today. yep, two years ago today i drove away from a honda shop on a brand spanking new black 2004 vtx1300. as an unintentional birthday present, jay lee of the radio show i’m involved with recently put up a blog entry centered around a pic of my bike. thanks jay!
as i rolled it into the garage tonight and stopped, my odometer sat at 23898. that’s almost 12,000 miles per year. (i had hoped to hit 24k, but it wasn’t meant to be and i wasn’t going to get fake miles.) yes, i do use it as my primary means of transportation. (though it’s not my only means.) my bike and i have been through Texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri, illinois, tennessee (barely), louisiana, mississippi, and alabama (barely).
i managed to add about 700 miles over this weekend. i headed to austin on saturday, then on sunday rode with my brother to mason for a family reunion, then back to austin, then back to houston. that was a lot of riding on sunday. i was pretty freaking tired today.
the reunion was good, but i volunteered for something. hopefully that will go well. i saw my mom and dad there for a few hours. my brother and i also stopped by art and i showed him the electrical work my dad and i did while i was in brady. and while i was in austin i hung out with ash, who is visiting the states for a couple of weeks. hopefully i’ll also get to see him here in houston sometime during this visit.
i finished a book a couple of days ago, and i’ve got some other information i want to get on ye olde blog, but i’m afraid the riding around has plumb tuckered me out so i’m going to call it a night.

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  1. Heh, I was in Austin on Saturday too. I’ve been getting a lot of miles in too these past two weekends, just not on a motorscooter.
    Cool that you got to see and hang with Ash.

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