art and pie

at the end of work today, on a whim i decided i’d go see art school confidential. two of my coworkers agreed to go with me, which was cool. unfortunately, i don’t think the movie lived up to my expectations. there were parts that were good, and some of it was pretty funny, but overall i just didn’t leave feeling content with it. i’d have to recommend the two movies i saw on sunday above this one.
after getting dropped off back at work, i hopped on my bike and headed to the house of pies for some coffee and a slice of coconut custard pie…
“it’s just, after i see a movie, i like to go get a piece of pie and talk about it. it’s sort of a little tradition i have. would you like to go get some pie with me?” alabama worley in true romance
unfortunately, no alabama is available to join me these days. i had to make due with mulling the movie over inside my head. ah well, hopefully the fates will smile on me eventually.

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