Texas ranch house on pbs

i got home this evening and was bored so i turned on the tv. it just so happened that pbs was showing the first two of the eight part series Texas ranch house. it’s similar to all their other “edu-tainment” reality tv stuff, but it’s even better because it’s set on a cattle ranch in 1867 Texas. having had ancestors who lived that sort of thing (or at least pretty similar), it’s intriguing. one of the guys on the show is a self-professed “computer geek” from Texas (jared ficklin) whose ancestors came to Texas, and part of why he did the show was to experience on some level what his ancestors did. that’s pretty cool. it makes me kind of wish i’d known about it so i could have applied to be on it.
it appears that klru in austin is showing the finale at the lake creek alamo drafthouse on thursday for free, and jared will be there (link).
after that, brad called me up and i rode over to late nite pie to hang out with him and kelly and jason for awhile.
in other news entirely, i just noticed the blockbuster that was near my house is closed and the space is empty. hopefully netflix can take credit for that kill, and they didn’t just move into some other location. now if only all the various wal-marts around here could do likewise (yeah, “dream on” indeed…).

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  1. Hi Terry, we watched the Texas Ranch House too. I thought of you when the guy said he was a computer geek. I also saw at the end where if you were interested in doing something like that you could enquire. I definitely know I wouldn’t want to do that!!! You know me and bugs! 🙂

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