you heard me, punchy.

today at work for some reason i thought of some toys my brother and i had way back in the late 70’s. they were called shogun warriors. they were these 2-feet tall plastic/vinyl robot toys on rolling wheels that shot objects from their hands. he had mazinga and i had dragun. thanks to the site for making the info and pics available so i could read about these things. i still think about them every now and then.
i got the dominoes i ordered. they’re not perfect, but they’re pretty nice. i’m thinking i’m still going to get some puremco dominoes at some point. i’ll either try to get some old ones, or get some customized new ones. we’ll see. i still need to find a circle of cool folk to play dominoes with. i may end up hitting the retirement communities and nursing homes. i wouldn’t plan to find a ladyfriend there, but i bet i’d find some domino players. who knows…maybe someone there will like motorcycles… 😉
i bought some music after work today:

  • coal chamber – coal chamber (roadrunner) this is the roadrunner 25th anniversary series, with bonus tracks and a dvd of live shows and videos
  • ladytron – 604 (emperor norton) this is a re-release with bonus tracks
  • shooter jennings – put the o back in country (universal south)
  • shooter jennings – electric rodeo (universal south)
  • zz top – tres hombres (warner bros) this is the remastered and extended release
  • zz top – fandango! (warner bros) this is the remastered and extended release

kind of a somewhat eclectic purchase, i suppose.
i’ve been reading a book on design. (as in “graphic design”.) sometimes i wish i would have done something more artistic in nature, like graphic design, illustration, or architecture…something that’s still technical, but with more opportunity for artistic creativity. not that i couldn’t still do that, i suppose. but there’s more entropy when you already have a career and are used to a level of income. and are lazy. especially when you’re lazy. 🙂

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