rollin’. blackouts.

i forgot to mention my debauchery this past thursday. after leaving work (after 7:30pm…i’m such a loyal worker), a coworker and i rode our motorcycles downtown and ate at frank’s. i had two slices of pizza and some coke. from there, we rode over to ten downing street — a cigar bar at kirby and westheimer by taco milagro. i bought a peterson cigar, then got a jack on the rocks. i had kind of assumed i’d upped my tolerance by smoking a pipe, but the whole cigar was too much. i started feeling hot, then sweaty, then clammy…i knew what was eventually going to happen, and it was too late to change the future course of events. i went outside to get some fresh air then leave. being rebellious nonconformist bikers, we had parked on the sidewalk. (okay, okay, there were no regular parking spots.) unfortunately, rebellious nonconformist cars had taken the handicap spots and the gap between them, so we were stuck. after about 20 minutes of feeling like crap, i finally hit the point where willpower alone couldn’t stop the impending event. i walked down the side of the building, around to the back street where there was very little lighting, looked around to verify isolation, then leaned over the shrubs and stopped maintaining control. a couple of seconds later i was standing upright again, looked around to verify continued isolation, then walked back to my bike. though still a bit green around the gills, things were more stable in my world. after another 20 minutes or so the guy in the expensive, highly illegally-parked car moved, and feeling the hot, humid, sticky air of houston blowing on me as i rode down 59 had never been quite as enjoyable.
so, let that be a lesson to all of you youngsters: it’s not cool to ride a motorcycle, eat a bunch of pizza and drink a bunch of coke, then go smoke a big cigar and drink some liquor. either get a smaller cigar or only smoke part of it.
in other news, my house lost power at some point yesterday for a little while. that’s because parts of Texas are experiencing rolling blackouts yesterday and today due to a combination of higher than normal temperatures and this month being the maintenance window for power plants. so there just isn’t enough power available on the grid. (or so they say.) is that the sound of laughter i hear coming from the direction of california?
i’m totally digging that adult. album i bought sunday. they’re a part of the chicago electro-clash scene, and old synth sounds and electronic equipment make me happy.

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  1. The kind of heat that forced the rotating blackouts is one the primary the reasons that I’m not anxious to return to Texas. I do miss the sports and the food though.

  2. ha! i can’t believe i didn’t think of that at the time. not that i would have done it since i’m non-confrontational, but boy it would have been tempting. i probably would have gotten shot or something.

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