let’s get lucky

a year or more ago i’d gotten interested in dominoes, and after looking around had developed in my mind exactly what i wanted: double six, spinners, black pips, two-tone (preferably not black). unfortunately, while i could find each of those elements, i could not find them in one set of dominoes. eventually i gave up. i ordered some other kinds of dominoes which were still odd variations (double six, no spinners, red with yellow pips, and double six, no spinners, orange with black pips), but those were not very good quality.
today for some reason i looked again, and what to my surprise did i find but exactly the dominoes i’d been looking for: double six, spinners, black pips, red and white two-tone. i placed an order for them, and a set of similar black and white two-tones. i’ll be curious to see what kind of quality they are. now if i can just find some people to play dominoes with me (preferably 42). 😐
i decided to catch a movie today, so i went up to river oaks and saw the 4:30pm showing of the devil and daniel johnston. daniel now lives in waller…didn’t know that. he also, like me, grew up in the churches of christ. whenever i find out someone grew up in the churches of christ, i usually feel like i have some sort of kinship or bond with them. especially if they’re artists, because i feel like maybe i can identify with some of the background that i think leads to what they have going on in their head between good and evil that seems to come out in what they create. (there are plenty of people who grew up in the churches of christ that i don’t identify with and don’t really like, so it’s not universal.) anyway, i’m not sure i’ll ever be a fan of daniel’s work as a whole, but his lyrics are really good and some of his music is really nice. beyond the music, the film is a good story about the effect of mental illness on a person and those around them, especially the family.
and as to that natalie portman snl digital short i mentioned, here’s a link:
natalie portman: gangsta style

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  1. Yeah, that Natalie Portman thing was kind of funny. Thanks for the link.
    I used to play 42 back when I was married. My ex-husband has a big family and it was something they all did (and probably still do) when they got together. I really miss those times. I don’t have any extended family nearby. I miss his grandparens most of all, I used to love playing games with his grandmother.
    Now I’m sad. Hope you’re happy.

  2. are you suggesting there exists a shared emotion pool that must always maintain balance? (either universally or between specific people.) or that i steal happiness from others to use myself? kind of like a happiness vampire. (hhmmm, i know those who would agree with that label…although fretz’s girlfriend claimed i was a psychic vampire….) or perhaps that i’m prone to schadenfreude, as mithras (follower of the religion of ded men) posited on here months ago?
    whatever the case, playing dominoes is fun.

  3. Hmmm, yes I must be suggesting something, let me see if I can figure out what. I think I was suggesting Choice C – yes, mithras knows you amazingly well. I must have been tapping into that aspect of your personality.
    Yes, playing dominoes IS fun … especially with psychic vampire schadenfreuders.

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