googling “scattered few”

i’ve mentioned craig thompson’s really wonderful graphic novel blankets before, but a google search on “scattered few” — a proper yet incorrect spelling of the band “scaterd few” — had an interview with him as the first hit. here’s an excerpt:

i had a really isolated country upbringing. and i came to punk rock music through christianity, of all things. my brother and me started with all these christian punk bands and speed metal. i don’t know if you could even track them down now. crucified. scattered few. crashdog.

it’s funny how much i identified with large parts of his past in the book, and now this interview puts even more similarities in place. of course, i still maintain a belief in christianity, but it’s cool how many shared experiences exist that can tie me even more closely to his story. it’s also nice he listed three of the better bands from the xian music scene at the time, which — considering the utter crap that was around — leads me to believe he had decent tastes….or he’s hiding bad bands he liked. hey, we all do it. 🙂
i’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again: check out his graphic novel blankets. i obviously can relate to it in ways a lot of people probably can’t, but there is plenty that is universal in it, told wonderfully and drawn and laid out beautifully. there’s a good reason so many people without backgrounds in comics and graphic novels showered praise on it.
my google results also led me to the realization that drew from “the dawn and drew show” podcast is drew domkus from scaterd few. which led me to, where allan aguirre is podcasting the history and meaning of scaterd few and their songs.

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