“dismal failure” is an understatement

a day or two ago i finished reading soldiers of misfortune: the somervell and mier expeditions by sam w. haynes. it was written about…well, the title says…but it really provided a lot of information about things going on in the political landscape of the republic of Texas during the time period, and about Texas and its relations with mexico, the united states, and england. if you’re a fan of Texas history, are interested in aspects of what led Texas to become a part of the u.s., and/or wonder about some of the more historical aspects of relations between Texas and mexico, this is a fairly easy and quick read that will give you all of that and more, in the setting of providing information about the decisions that led up to the somervell and mier expeditions and what happened to the men that were a part of them.
in other news, did you see the snl digital short with natalie portman tonight? that was awesome.

1 comment on ““dismal failure” is an understatement”

  1. “did you see the snl digital short with natalie portman tonight?”
    No, but do you really think it is appropriate to declare me a “dismal failure” because of it?
    …or maybe you were talking about something else … who knows? ::shrug::

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